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We had a Homecoming....Somewhat.

I have not been able to write as much (or read, as I am still working on my September Read of the Month) because I have been trying to provide something close to a homecoming to our students at Carlson High School. Our 2020 "homecoming" all came together last week, culminating on Friday evening. So how did it look? I guess it is easiest to point out what we could and could not provide this year. Why not start with the negatives first, here is what we could not do this year, that we normally do during homecoming time:No pep-rallies. These are clearly not permitted by back to school directives from the State of MichiganNo floats or parade, one of my favorite aspects of homecoming week.No dance, I long for the day when we can have 1,000 + kids dancing the night away togetherNo full attendance at the Friday game
Here is what we were able to do this year: We held a spirit week and awarded the Marauder Spirit Jug to the Class of 2021.Our varsity cheer team was able to perform for t…

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