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February 2021 Read of the Month

 Ok fellow dorks, dweebs, nerds, and/or geeks do I have a book for you for the month of February. One of Carlson High School's best, The Maestro himself David Brockington, suggested I add  From a Certain Point of View: Star Wars   to the CHS Library Collection. Being a true Star Wars  Geek I had no problem purchasing both this and it's companion for The Empire Strikes Back   to quickly add to our collection at CHS. February 2021's Read of the Month After last month's memoir , I definitely needed some fiction and a title that is a little "lighter" to read this month and this book will probably deliver. It is a collection of forty short stories re-telling the famous 1977 film Star Wars: A New Hope   from the point of view of various, minor characters from the film. I started the other day and I am nearly half-finished. So far, so good....I will provide a full review later this month. These freezing February days coming up will keep me inside reading I am sure. W
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January 2021 Read of the Month Review

 Happy to report that I finished my January 2021 Read of the Month , A Promised Land by President Barack Obama . This autobiography (the first of two volumes according to this work) covers mainly Obama's political career but the major focus is on his early political career as state senator in Illinois and United States Senator. It then shifts and covers his decision to run for the office of President of the United States, his journey to win the Democratic nomination and eventually the office of President of the United States. The remainder of the book runs through his first term in office as President of the United States. The book ends with his description of the events leading up to and the eventual capture of Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan, spoiler alert our Navy Seals were successful and killed Bin Laden in the May 2011 raid. Ok a few comments about the book, fair warning I am an Obama fan; not an owning Obama clothing/flag waving fan, but a fan nonetheless. As I mentioned in my

January 2021 Read of the Month

 My January 2021 Read of the Month comes from right from my 2020 Holiday Wish List.   "Santa" did bring me a copy of A Promised Land by President Barack Obama . It is not secret that I am a big Obama fan (but still not big enough to plant Obama flags all over my house/car) so asking for this book was a no-brainer. I am over 50% finished and today is only the 3rd of January so my review will be coming soon.  Showing of my new book...and my book t-shirts from Christmas Day One quick note from early in the book, President Obama started writing the book on his final trip on Air Force One after the inauguration of President Donald Trump....on a legal pad....pen/paper. I love it, it is amazing to me that this 768 page book came to together via pen and paper. 

Happy New Year, Welcome 2021

 Greetings and Happy New Year to all. After I reviewed my November 2020 Read of the Month   I made the executive decision to give myself some time off for the month of December to enjoy some time away from my computer screen. With most of my work time being on screen, the last thing I wanted to do was spend any additional time looking at a computer screen. So what did I do for the month of December then? Well besides going into work and setting up our remodeled library I: Finally read Long Way Down  by Jason Reynolds . What a great book, written in free verse by Reynolds. It tells the story of Will (William Holloman) seeking revenge for his brother's violent murder. On his journey down the elevator from his 8th floor apartment Will is visited by a new person (that also died of gun violence) that enters the elevator at each floor. Each tells Will (and the reader) the story of their death. Give this one a read, powerful and you can finish it in a day or two. Consider this my mini Dec

November 2020 Read of the Month Review

 Ok, time to review my November 2020 Read of the Month   The Red and the Blue and the Birth of Political Tribalism by Steve Kornacki. The book was a great read for the election month of November (which for some reason seems to still be going on here in December). Here is what I liked about Kornacki's book: Kornacki is very fair and unbiased, not showing favoritism to the Red or the Blue (right or the left, Republicans or Democrats) in his writing It is a great history book, reviewing the national political landscape from the late 1980's up through 2000.  At the same time, it is sad, because as the book points out the 1990's is when then current political landscape we live with seemed to grow. In my own words, action in Congress and Washington D.C. was no longer about solving problems and helping Americans, it was about scoring a "win" for your side.  The book was really well-written, but sadly the information presented is lousy. Today, in the news our leaders in D

My 2020 Holiday Wish List

 This was always one of my favorite posts back when I was keeping up with this blog. "Letters to Santa" are one of my favorite holiday traditions. Yes, I am 45, but that is not going to stop me from writing my letter to Santa. "Black Friday" is the perfect day for this post. Who knows....if there was ever a year we could all use a visit from Santa it is 2020. In order of importance to we go: A safe, effective Covid 19 vaccine : This is top on the list because it will make everything about 2021 better for so many others, not just for me All those first responders and medical personnel, that have difficult jobs in normal times, will have a return to "routine" work days....which are rarely that normal to begin with. Small business owners, especially those in dining, entertainment, leisure, and travel industries can thrive and survive. I miss being able to meet my dad and friends for beers at the local bar. I miss travel. All my friends in educatio

November 2020 Read of the Month

 Sorry, I have been slacking with my November Read of the Month. I have been spending a great deal of time working in my library trying to get it 100% set up after a summer remodel. Thankfully I have about 98% of the books shelved and now I am just waiting on new furniture in December.  Ok, enough rambling about my is time to introduce the November 2020 Read of the Month... A perfect book selection for the month of November Election 2020 has led me to my  November Read of the Month   The Red and the Blue The 1990's and the Birth of Political Tribalism by Steve Kornacki. I have the book sitting here in my office and have been wanting to read it for a while. Watching Kornacki for hours during election week peaked my interest to pick the book up and give it a read. A few reasons I am looking forward to reading this book: I am a political geek, and this kind of stuff peaks my interest I really like Steve Kornacki He is a proud geek, just like me His work on the election ma