Sunday, January 12, 2014

December 2013 Read of the Month Review/2014 Read of the Month

Happy New Year!  I was fortunate to finish 2013 and start 2014 with a wonderful vacation to Arizona and California.  I easily completed my December 2013 Read of the Month during my travels.  Bill O'Reily's Killing Kennedy provides readers with a wealth of information regarding the November 22, 1963 assassination of United States President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas.  The book provides a great deal of information on most of the individuals involved with the assassination: President Kennedy, Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson, Attorney General Robert Kennedy, First Lady Jackie Kennedy, trigger man Lee Harvey Oswald and Oswald's killer Jack Ruby.

While I do not agree with Bill O'Reily's politics most of the time I still have to give him credit for a very good book.  The first thing I can say about the book is that I was able to learn a great deal about everyone involved in this American tragedy.  Not only does the reader learn a great deal about the actual assassination, but background information on Kennedy and his administration (and personal life) is provided throughout the book.  The same goes for Lee Harvey Oswald, as readers are able to trace his troubled life as well.  If the topic interests you, you may want to give this book a try.

Now that it is a new month (and new year) I need to find a new book.  Funny thing, I have jury duty downtown tomorrow so I am really in need of an actual book.  I did not have time to pick one up so I searched through the house and found an old James Patterson book that I have yet to read.  Since jurors can not bring electronics into the courthouse I have no choice but to go with London Bridges.  London Bridges is another "Alex Cross" novel by Patterson that is a little old (paperback published in 2005).  Back in the day I really enjoyed the Alex Cross novels, but this particular title is poorly reviewed on  I already have some ideas for February, but this book will have to work for now.  Happy Reading!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

December 2013 Read of the Month

Now that my college teaching is finished for the semester (I gave the last of my two final exams yesterday) I can get back to reading for pleasure.  It has been way too long, but I had no choice but to take some time off since August. 

The 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy was all over the news at the end of November.  With all of the coverage I was interested in Bill O'Reily's Killing Kennedy.  I picked up a copy for the Carlson High School Library and started reading it this past week.

Some Non-Fiction for my December Read of the Month
 I have heard good things about the book.  I am also a big Rob Lowe fan (from his days on The West Wing) so after reading I may have to give the made for TV film version of the book a try.  This is the second of three "Killing" books by the Fox News host.  He has also authored Killing Lincoln and Killing Jesus.  If I enjoy this book I may have to give Killing Lincoln a try.  Anyone out there read any of these three?  Thoughts?  So far (and I am just a few pages in) and I am enjoying Killing Kennedy.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Looking for Your Next Read? I am....

Since I am spending the end of November searching for my December Read of the Month I thought it would be nice to share a tool to help readers find a new book.  I realize that readers can use both and to help find book recommendations.   Believe me, I love browsing both sites but sometimes I just want some book titles recommended quickly.  This is where "The Book Seer" comes to the rescue.  One of my co-workers tipped me off to this helpful site. is about as simple as a site can be; simply enter the title and author of the last book you enjoyed and the site will kick out a list of other books you should enjoy reading.  The site simply pulls the information form Amazon, but it provides it in a quick, easy to read list of titles.  No weeding through advertisements, long reviews and various links.   A simple, list of titles is presented so you are able to pick a book quickly.  It appears that Goodreads will also be used as a source (it currently appears, but presents not titles at this time).

So, if you are in a hurry and looking for a new title, why not give The Book Seer a try.  If you just need a list of titles it really the place to go, as you will not be distracted with a bunch of other data.  Good luck and happy reading!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Where Did the Fall Go?

The months of September and October seemed to last minutes (at least in my mind). For me, it truly is the busiest time of year.  I am back to work at my full time job at Carlson High School, my Student Council Advisor responsibilities (including homecoming) are running non-stop, I am teaching six credit hours at Wayne County Community College and add in my parent/spouse responsibilities and I was absolutely swamped this fall. When I am not at work or preparing for work at home I driving my kids all over town to their activities.  Finally, as we reach late November my calendar is starting to open up a little.  My college courses only have two meeting remaining and my role as Cleveland Browns Flag Football coach is now over.

I am embarrassed to report that I have not read a book since my August 2013 Read of the Month which was an amazing read.  I hope to change that with December.  I also look forward to writing my annual Holiday Tech Gift List like I do each time around this time of year. 

I am also happy to report that I am once again working with Carlson High School Student Council and our literacy team to encourage reading throughout the Gibraltar School District.  Just yesterday I was able to take nine Carlson students to Weiss Elementary School to read to a number of students.  We are also working on starting a school-wide read in March for "March is Reading Month."  Working with the council is the best part of my job.  I am able to help develop the true student leaders of the school.  Homecoming is crazy busy and stresses me out, but I never want to give up my advisor position.  What other job lets me dress as Gru with my favorite Minons at Carlson High School?
My Minons and I During Homecoming Week
With everything going on in my life something had to be cut out, and that was my writing for The Geekly Reader.  Not being able to write (and read) was really a bummer.  This is something I really enjoy working on throughout the year.  I am happy to be back, and look forward to posting more often.  Hopefully you can join me as we wrap up 2013 and look forward to an amazing 2014.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I'm Making My Way Back

I realize I've been in quite the hiatus, but I think my schedule is about to calm down and allow for more writing.  I was just spread way too thin for the first two months of the school year, but I am ready to come back writing.  I apologize to readers I just left hanging, and I hope you come back.