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Travels With Ella

 As a big John Steibeck fan, one of my favorite books is Travels with Charley   his 1960 travelogue depicting a roadtrip with his standard poodle Charley. The trip was Steibeck's chance to see the country one last time before his death. I love the idea of the book, and while I have not made the estimated 10,000 mile trip Steinbeck made with his dog, Ella (my rescue pup) and I have made plenty of journeys over the last year. Ella on a foggy morning walk You see, pre-Covid Ella would get two, maybe three walks per month if she was lucky. It was not until the shutdowns hit that I realized how much time I really have in a day (and how much I wasted I laying around doing nothing). I made a decision to walk every Ella at least two miles every day that I could (the only reason we would skip a day would be due to poor weather).  In previous visits with my doctor, he would always say it only takes two weeks to build a habit, and I have to tell you he was correct. It was not long before Ella
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July 2021 Read of the Month

 It sure is nice, that when randomly texting with a friend they ask what you are reading this summer. I explained that I had started a book (my May read) but was in a funk and looking for something new. Within an hour there was a knock on my door and my friend had a new book for me to read. My July "Read of the Month" that a friend was so nice to share is The Traveler's Gift by Andy Andrews. July 2021 Read of the Month I have started the book and it is on the path of a self-help book intertwined with fiction. I am over 50% complete and should have a review soon. I guess I really don't like term "self-help" and will use "leadership" in its place. I do enjoy leadership books, as I use information from them both in my personal life and in my role as a teacher/student council adviser. Look for a review here in a week or two. Happy summer reading everyone!

The End of the School Year Got Me

 I was on a roll, I was enjoying reading and writing and then May exploded. In a normal year mid May to mid June is crazy for anyone working in education. When you throw in COVID restrictions coming to an end during the same time period my final weeks of work were exhausting. I had a May Read of the Month selected and had intentions to finish the book and review it, but life got in the way.  Once my school year ended on Friday June 11th I was simply mentally and physically exhausted. I had no desire to read or write that much. I decided to give myself the month of June off to truly let my brain relax (I did not take the month off physically, as I walked twenty-eight of thirty days in June.) So now that it is July I am mentally well rested and ready to get back into reading and writing more. I did not finish my May Read, The Girls I've Been, so I am sorry there is no review. I did like the book when I started, I just never found time to finish it, maybe one day I will go back and p

May 2021 Read of the Month

 Ah May, the peak of track season/AP test season/and end of the school year season has hit and backed up my reading and writing time. Thankfully both our middle school track season and AP test season wrapped up on Monday which really opens up my schedule. I did grab a new book from the CHS Library for my May 2021 Read of the Month. I am reading The Girl's I've Been by Tess Sharpe. My May 2021 Read of the Month...soon to be a Netflix series This novel follows Nora O'Malley, the daughter of a con-artist that targets men. The novel starts off with Nora and two of her friends in a bank.....that is then held up at gunpoint by two robbers. I have just started this week and I already like the way the novel is set up by Tess Sharpe. I will probably finish it this weekend and be back with a review shortly. Keep reading everyone (it's great outdoor reading season).

April 2021 Read of the Month Review

 Time to review my April 2021 Read of the Month, I am Still Alive by Kate Alice Marshall. I will not be able to say enough good things about this book. I loved the characters and storyline. I love the set-up of the novel, told as a running journal entry by the main character Jess. I quickly finished the book in just three days of reading, which with my busy schedule is about as fast as I can currently read a book. Once I hit the second half of the book I did not want to put it down. Don't judge....but this book nearly brought tears to my eyes...... SPOILER ALERT, SKIP THE NEXT PARAGRAPH TO AVOID MY SPOILER ..... Jess had to shoot and kill her dog that was her main companion throughout the novel....ughhhh....I get it but ugggghhhh....just because of this I probably will not go see the movie if it ever comes out. Ok if you skipped that paragraph good, the book was amazing; A solid 5/ ranks up there with some of my other favorite young adult novels from recent years ( The Hung

Travel Bucket List 2021

 One of my favorite hobbies besides reading and writing is traveling. I always look forward to at least one yearly trip with the family, and due to COVID 2020 meant no summer trip in the Pehote household ( we did squeeze in a Vegas trip in late February of 2020 for a gymnastics meet....just before the world shut down). I have been itching to travel and decided to pull the trigger and book a summer trip that can be canceled if necessary. I honestly hope with continued vaccine use travel will be possible. My philosophy on travel is simple, try not to keep repeating the same trips over and over. I get it, Vegas is great, Orland is great (for some....), but there is so much to see in this country alone, not to mention the entire world, that I try to spread my travels around so I (and my family) can share new experiences.  I have been very lucky when it comes to travel. My father worked for the airline growing up, so we did get to experience some great family vacations. I have also been abl

April 2021 Read of the Month

 Happy April, my April 2021 Read of the Month is I Am Still Alive  by Kate Alice Marshall.   This novel follows main character Jess. She has moved to Alaska to live with her father after surviving a car crash (which killed her mother). The chapters alternate between "before" and "after" as the book is working to reveal what has happened to Jess in Alaska.  April 2021 Read of the Month I have started the book and I already enjoy the alternating chapter method. From the reviews I have read it should be really good. Look for my review later this month.