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What a Week

I really think 2018 wants me to work harder. The second week of January threw enough at me to fill a month or two:

Last weekend our 2011 Acadia stalled twice on the way home from a Piston's game at the beautiful Little Caesar's Arena. Thankfully a friend at local car dealership arranged for me to drop it off Monday after work.Before I could drop the car off on Monday, my HR department notified me that an unemployment claim had been made in my name using my Social Security Number; yep I was a victim of identity theft. This means there are a number of tasks that I have to complete to resolve the problem.Police report made in Brownstown Township, check.Credit report pulled to make sure no new accounts were opened, check.Credit bureau(s) contacted to put a lock on all account activity, check.Visit the Michigan Unemployment Office downtown to verify my identity, still have to do this next week, which means I need to take a day off from work....greatJust when I thought the SSN issue …

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