Your Own Personal Library Catalog

So, how many of you have remember using an old style, card catalog?  You know, you want to find a book in your local library, so you pull out the long drawers flipping through cards.  Well those days are long gone of course (thankfully) and nearly all libraries use an electronic catalog system to keep track of their collections.  Many of the school districts in Wayne County are using a system developed by Follett.  It is a great system for school age children and prepares them for many of the advanced catalogs available in public and university libraries.

Catalog software is quite expensive and really impractical for home libraries.  Some book lovers may create their own spreadsheet or database to keep track of their books, however there is a great (free) tool online to not only catalog your books, but also meet and communicate with other book lovers online.  The site is a wonderful site that lets you catalog your own home library.  Think of it as a "Facebook" for book lovers.  You are able to catalog 200 books for free.  Is your home library larger than 200 titles?  Well for $10 a year (or $25 for life) you may catalog an unlimited about of books.  The ability to catalog books is only a small part of the site.  Users can write reviews of books, meet up with readers with similar reading choices, join discussion groups, and receive free copies of books from authors and publishers to review.  I am a member, under 200 titles so far, and think it is a pretty cool web 2.0 site.  All you need to sign up is an email address.  Do you want to catalog your own personal library or find other book lovers with similar interests?  Well sign up and give it a try!


  1. I went to just to check it out and ended up staying/reading for the past hour or so....What a fantastic site!

  2. It is a great site! Amazing how you the site finds readers with similar tastes. Also, a nice way to keep your books organized.


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