My Read for the Month, May 2010

So, I figure to start each month I will share whatever book I am currently reading.  I started reading Darker Than Night by Tom Henderson about a week ago.  Henderson, a former writer for the Detroit Free Press, covers the mysterious disappearance of two suburban Detroit hunters in 1985.  The case took 18 years to solve, with clues and information pouring in from all over the country.  I am about half way through the book and it is riveting.  I should have no problem finishing this book before the end of the month (even with a graduate class starting up at Wayne State shortly).

I usually read about one "True Crime" novel per year.  Now, I do not read them because I am a big fan of serial killers or criminals in general.  Well written true crime works are usually better than fiction.  My interest is always with the detective work that goes along with the story.  Most of the time, the reader will know who committed the crime before they start the book.  True crime novels are not mystery, yet there is still plenty of suspense.  I also enjoy true crime works that are local in nature.  That is why I selected Henderson's work.  There is something chilling reading about nearby places and towns.  When I was an undergraduate at Eastern Michigan University I took the time to read The Michigan Murders.  This true crime piece documents the crime(s) of John Norman Collins in Washtenaw County in the 1970s.  It was so interesting to read about all the areas I was familiar with as a student.  It appears that Henderson has a few other true crime titles with local connections.  After reading Darker Than Night I am sure I will be reading them in the future.  Hope you can find a new read with me each month.  Remember, free books are just a trip away to your local library!


  1. Ann Rule is also one of the best in this genre. Had the good fortune to spend some time with her in the 80s and have a wonderful story about it if anyone is interested.

  2. Mstewart...
    I am interested if you ever have the time to respond.

  3. Oh yes, I would love to hear as well


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