That Is One Way to NOT Improve Literacy

Thanks to various professional association memberships, I receive a number of emails each day pertaining to the world of libraries and literacy.  I know, sounds like exciting stuff right?  Well most days I tend to just hit the delete button quite quickly, but today something really caught my eye.  It appears that an upset mother was not happy with some of the books her daughter brought home from the local public library.  She contacted the library, and asked for "warning labels" to be placed on the certain books.  When the library rejected her request the concerned parent decided to, well you can read the story for yourself here. 

Ms. Harden seems to think she can make decisions not only for her children, but for all of the readers in this Orlando suburb.  For me, this is simply theft; she took something that does not belong to her, and will not return the item.  I think the library has been as cooperative as one would expect.  They decided to pull the materials from the young adult section.  A parent has every right to decide what is best for THEIR own children, I just do not think that a parent has a right to decide what is best for my children or any other children other than their own.  Actually, Ms. Harden seems to think she can make the decision for all the patrons of Seminole County's Northwest Branch Library.  What would become of all libraries if one upset reader wanted a title removed?  I think there would be many bare shelves.  Keep reading folks!


  1. When I was the age of the involved teen, I was secretly sending KUDOS to Grace Metalious!

  2. Working in a high school, I am sure this student hears much worse in the halls every day as opposed to what she may read in any book


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