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Father's Day Post....Just a Week Late

I started working on this post with expectations to post it last Sunday for Father's Day.  Well, it turns out I spent most of the last two weeks working on a final, eight to ten page paper for my graduate class at Wayne State, so I had no choice but to postpone this entry.  Now, my class is over and I have all the time in the world to write for the rest of the summer. I am very, very thankful to have a great relationship with my father.  He lives a few miles away and I usually see him a few times a week.  I have so much I can thank my dad for, it would probably take up most of my blog space.  So for the purpose of this entry, I decided to focus on how my dad instilled within me a love of reading.  He will probably be quite surprised when he hears this.  My dad was always one to down play his intelligence.  He always claimed to be a "bad" student in grade school and high school.  My dad never went to college, but he did obtain a post-secondary education at an aircraft ma

It's Good to be Back

What a great feeling, I just submitted my final paper for my graduate class at Wayne State.  This course (and mainly this paper) is why my updates have been lacking.  All of my writing time has been spent on this course.  I hope now to return to a more routine writing schedule. A few things to cover in this post.  First, I am sad to report that I am no longer the full time media specialist at Carlson High School.  Like most school districts in the state, the Gibraltar School District is facing financial problems and the district had to make some cutbacks.  This past school year the Gibraltar School District employed two certified library/media specialists.  We are now cutting back to just one.  I will now be responsible for both the Shumate Middle School and Carlson High School media centers.  I am not really looking forward to this move, but I will do my best to make both libraries into outstanding learning environments.  I will never be able to fully replace the fine employee from


It should be clear by now that I am a gadget geek.  One of my favorite toys is my iPhone.  I have the 3G model and I love this thing.  I never leave my house without my iPhone.  The truth is, I really do not make many calls.  I tend to send tons of text messages and emails.  I just really do not talk on the phone all that much.  I have yet to ever come close to going over on minutes.  The only problem I have with the device, is lately the battery is not lasting as long as I would like.  It is now about two years old, so that could be expected.  The battery is not replaceable.  So i have no choice but to pick up the new iPhone4 sometime next month. Most people that I speak with love the iPhone.  The complaint I usually hear is in regards to AT&T's mobility service.  Personally, I have no complaints with AT&T, there is tower nearby (both to my home and office) so I usually always have full 3G service.  However, I will not lie,  AT&T was not too impressive during the pr

Sunday Ramblings: My SLR Camera, Detroit

Greetings, I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  June is a great time of year!  Only one more day of work and my schedule really opens up for the summer.  It is clearly one of the best perks of working in the education field. I spent this evening enjoying my daughter's dance recital at Flat Rock High School.  Being a geek, I love my video and digital cameras.  Last May I decided to step it up a bit and purchase a Cannon SLR Digital Camera.  Wow, I love this "toy."  I will never go back to a point and click camera again.  I am still learning aspects of what it can do, but do not worry the thing is dummy proof.  It takes amazing pictures.   I rarely take video now that I have this camera.  To me, great photos are worth so much more than a choppy video I try to take with poor lighting.  Some told me I would regret having to lug the SLR around, but I purchased a great backpack to hold everything.  I take it everywhere I plan to snap photos.  So far I have zero regrets.

Sunday Ramblings: People Not Reading, My iPhone, GPS

Greetings, just back in town from lovely Zeeland Michigan, hosts for the Division 2 State Track and Field Finals.  They did a great job hosting the event, as did all of our athletes from O.A. Carlson High School. I have a few random things to write about this fine Sunday morning in Brownstown Township. First, Zeeland Schools does a wonderful job hosting the State Track and Field Finals.  Everything is so well organized.  The stadium is quite crowded, but there is plenty of space to watch the events of the day.  The school places signs along the railing in-front of the bleachers informing spectators "not to stand along the railing."  The signs are placed about every ten feet.  There are even county sheriff deputies informing people not to stand along the railing.  However, people still stand along the railing!!  Blocking the view of many fans.  There is room to sit watch from other areas.   The P.A. announcer has to repeat over and over not to stand.  Do people read the si

Read of the Month, June 2010

Sadly, for the month of June I am forced to read a text book for the graduate course I am taking at Wayne State University.  If you really must know the title, it is Management Basics for Information Professionals by G. Edwards Evans and Patricia Layzell Ward.  It is a textbook on leadership issues regarding librarians.  Not the best summer read I tell you.  You can purchase the book here , but I will be happy to give it to you once I am finished.  I hate reading most textbooks.  Especially in the summer, but I have to take this class so I have no choice. On another note,  great story in The USA Today on the value and importance of summer reading for school children.  The results are not shocking.  When students have access to books and summer reading their overall school performance improves. I promise, my July 1 "What I Am Reading" post will be much better.  By then my class will be over and I will be dying to find a new book (maybe on a new Kindle!!!)  I hope you all