It should be clear by now that I am a gadget geek.  One of my favorite toys is my iPhone.  I have the 3G model and I love this thing.  I never leave my house without my iPhone.  The truth is, I really do not make many calls.  I tend to send tons of text messages and emails.  I just really do not talk on the phone all that much.  I have yet to ever come close to going over on minutes.  The only problem I have with the device, is lately the battery is not lasting as long as I would like.  It is now about two years old, so that could be expected.  The battery is not replaceable.  So i have no choice but to pick up the new iPhone4 sometime next month.

Most people that I speak with love the iPhone.  The complaint I usually hear is in regards to AT&T's mobility service.  Personally, I have no complaints with AT&T, there is tower nearby (both to my home and office) so I usually always have full 3G service.  However, I will not lie, AT&T was not too impressive during the pre-order stage. Nationally, questions remain if AT&T is ready for this new iPhone.  Once my purchase is made I will be sure to share photos and my first impressions of the device. 


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