It's Good to be Back

What a great feeling, I just submitted my final paper for my graduate class at Wayne State.  This course (and mainly this paper) is why my updates have been lacking.  All of my writing time has been spent on this course.  I hope now to return to a more routine writing schedule.

A few things to cover in this post.  First, I am sad to report that I am no longer the full time media specialist at Carlson High School.  Like most school districts in the state, the Gibraltar School District is facing financial problems and the district had to make some cutbacks.  This past school year the Gibraltar School District employed two certified library/media specialists.  We are now cutting back to just one.  I will now be responsible for both the Shumate Middle School and Carlson High School media centers.  I am not really looking forward to this move, but I will do my best to make both libraries into outstanding learning environments.  I will never be able to fully replace the fine employee from Shumate, but I will try.  I am not bashing the district at all, the problem is in Lansing (and we all know there are many problems there).

Now for some good news.  It appears this week an e-reader price war broke out.  I have discussed e-readers here in the past.  First, Barnes and Nobel cut the price of their Nook.  Soon after, Amazon scaled back the price of the Kindle.  If I was not so close to buying a new iPhone I would be picking up a Kindle this week.  Some rumors have the Kindle dropping to $99 by the holidays.


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