Read of the Month, June 2010

Sadly, for the month of June I am forced to read a text book for the graduate course I am taking at Wayne State University.  If you really must know the title, it is Management Basics for Information Professionals by G. Edwards Evans and Patricia Layzell Ward.  It is a textbook on leadership issues regarding librarians.  Not the best summer read I tell you.  You can purchase the book here, but I will be happy to give it to you once I am finished.  I hate reading most textbooks.  Especially in the summer, but I have to take this class so I have no choice.

On another note, great story in The USA Today on the value and importance of summer reading for school children.  The results are not shocking.  When students have access to books and summer reading their overall school performance improves.

I promise, my July 1 "What I Am Reading" post will be much better.  By then my class will be over and I will be dying to find a new book (maybe on a new Kindle!!!)  I hope you all have better June reads as we kick off summer!  Keep reading!


  1. get the is GREAT!!

  2. I have heard the same from many people. Maybe I will treat myself to one as a Father's Day Gift!

  3. Try the Lions Game by De Mille

  4. Thanks, I may check that out for July! Sounds good!


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