Sunday Ramblings: My SLR Camera, Detroit

Greetings, I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  June is a great time of year!  Only one more day of work and my schedule really opens up for the summer.  It is clearly one of the best perks of working in the education field.

I spent this evening enjoying my daughter's dance recital at Flat Rock High School.  Being a geek, I love my video and digital cameras.  Last May I decided to step it up a bit and purchase a Cannon SLR Digital Camera.  Wow, I love this "toy."  I will never go back to a point and click camera again.  I am still learning aspects of what it can do, but do not worry the thing is dummy proof.  It takes amazing pictures.   I rarely take video now that I have this camera.  To me, great photos are worth so much more than a choppy video I try to take with poor lighting.  Some told me I would regret having to lug the SLR around, but I purchased a great backpack to hold everything.  I take it everywhere I plan to snap photos.  So far I have zero regrets.

I also spent this past weekend Downtown for a good friend's bachelor party.  I have to say, going out downtown is a blast.  I know the city gets a bad rap and there are areas to avoid, but that does not mean we should just avoid Detroit and let it die.  A large group of friends met at the Marriott at the Ren Cen, walked to the Tiger game, walked from the game to Greektown, and then walked back to our hotel at the Marriott.  It was a great time.  All the employees at various establishments were extremely friendly.  Plus prices were very reasonable.  A nice room at the Marriott for $120, overnight parking $6 (yep SIX), great dinner at 5 Guys Burger and Fries for about $12 (new in the Greektown area, you have to try it!!).  Try and find those prices in Chicago or New York.  Last time I spent the night in Chicago it cost $50 to park my car for a night.  We can either complain about the city and hope it dies or we can embrace it and hope for rebirth.  Nolan Finley (who I rarely enjoy) writes an interesting piece about the value of doing business in Detroit in today's Detroit News.  Check it out, some much needed good news for our area.  Have a great week, and congratulations to all of our new graduates!


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