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Amazon Unveils New Kindle/July Read of the Month

Well, I still have yet to purchase a Kindle, and I am glad that I have waited.  It looks like Amazon is upgrading their e-Reader the Kindle.   It looks like it will be a tad lighter and smaller, come in two colors, and more importantly be a little cheaper.  Amazon plans to offer a wi-fi only model that will sell for $139.  If I do pick up a Kindle, I will purchase the wifi/3g model that sells for $189.  The device will also have more memory and a longer battery life.  It may be the time to buy my first e-Reader.  I have already decided to not purchase Apple's iPad.  I do not need that much, already owning a nice notebook computer and iPhone.  I just need something for reading eBooks. I have finished my July read of the month, The Lion's Game.  It was great, I loved it!  Thank you again for the tip from my mystery reader.  I never read such a long book so quickly.  I see there is a sequel, Night Fall .  I may have to pick that up for August for one last enjoyable read before I

Back From Vacation

Greetings, Great to be back from a nice family vacation.  I am nearly finished with my July read,  The Lion's Game , and wow, it has been great.  Any free time had me reading this past week.  I have never read such a large book (over 900 pages in paperback form) so quickly.  I love when novels are told from various points of view and this takes place for much of the novel.  Great recommendation from my mystery blog reader, thanks.  I plan to try other works by this author in the future. I decided not to post while out of town, something I choose to do with all of my online activities (Facebook, blog, etc.) when traveling.  As much as I would love to post pictures of my vacation while traveling, I worry about broadcasting to the masses that I am out of town and my house is empty.  Maybe I just worry too much, but as much as I love technology, I also love to keep my house protected.  Do you post updates while you are away from home?  Do you make it public?  Have you ever thought a

Consumer Reports Does NOT Recommend iPhone4

I know in previous posts I mentioned how I was looking forward to purchasing the new iPhone 4.  It appears this antenna problem is a little larger then the people at Apple are letting on.  Recently, Consumer Reports reviewed the iPhone 4 and could not recommend buying the device.  While the phone does get high reviews, the antenna problem still holds back any recommendation from the famous consumer magazine.  There will be a  press conference today that some have rumored may involved a recall.  Wow, for a company that usually "gets it right" it sure looks like Apple is dropping the ball here.  It looks like I will stick with my old iPhone 3g for the time being.  

Sunday Ramblings, Funding Libraries in Difficult Times

Interesting piece in the Detroit Free Press today on the cuts facing public libraries.  With all of the current revenue problems, many communities are cutting public library budgets.  What is interesting about library use is it skyrockets during tough financial times.  So many of these libraries are facing cuts when patrons need them most. Recently, a reporter for FOX Chicago  posed the question, are libraries "a waste of tax money?"   I was not surprised to hear what a reporter from "Fox News" thought, no surprise there.  The  response from Mary A. Dempsey , commissioner of the Chicago Public Library is wonderful to read. I am not going to get into a political debate, but my tax dollars have been wasted on far worse items (and events) over the past decade than a public library system.   When it comes to taxes and libraries, I think back to something former Minnesota Governor Jessie Ventura said, "when we build a public library, we don't have to pay to

E-Books......Take Longer to Read?

Greetings, hope everyone had an safe and enjoyable 4th of July.  As I was browsing around the web this evening I came across an interesting article from CNN's web site.   The article presents findings of a study regarding reading on both the Kindle and the iPad.  It appears reading speed decreases anywhere between 6.2 - 10.7 percent depending on the device.  I find this to be very interesting.  I have only "messed around" with each device, never attempting to read an entire story or book.  Have any of you that have used eReaders notice that it takes longer to finish a book? Also in gadget news, Apple has experienced some embarrassment recently regarding the new iPhone4.  It appears  there are some problems with the new antenna and signal strength meter.   I still plan to pick up this phone soon, but I am going to hold off for a little bit.  It appears a software update should solve this problem. Wow, I can't believe it is July.  The summer is just flying by and sc

Read of the Month, July 2010

Greetings, I hope everyone is enjoying their summer.  I am so happy to be finished with my June read, uggghhh a text book, can it get any worse?   For the month of July I decided to try a recommendation from "Anonymous" last month, The Lion's Game by Nelson DeMille.  This will be the first book I have ever read by DeMille.  I read some of the brief descriptions on Amazon and the book sounds like a great summer read.  It appears DeMille has a number of books out, so if I enjoy this title, I may have many more to choose from.  I plan to order the book tonight, and thanks to my Amazon Prime account it should be here by Monday morning.  I will going with the paperback version, because this may turn out to be a beach read during July.  So, what is your read for the month of July?  Anyone going to pick up Eclipse now that the film has been released?  I hear the Meyer books are great, but I have yet to read any of them. One side note, I would like to give a "shout out&q