Amazon Unveils New Kindle/July Read of the Month

Well, I still have yet to purchase a Kindle, and I am glad that I have waited.  It looks like Amazon is upgrading their e-Reader the Kindle.  It looks like it will be a tad lighter and smaller, come in two colors, and more importantly be a little cheaper.  Amazon plans to offer a wi-fi only model that will sell for $139.  If I do pick up a Kindle, I will purchase the wifi/3g model that sells for $189.  The device will also have more memory and a longer battery life.  It may be the time to buy my first e-Reader.  I have already decided to not purchase Apple's iPad.  I do not need that much, already owning a nice notebook computer and iPhone.  I just need something for reading eBooks.

I have finished my July read of the month, The Lion's Game.  It was great, I loved it!  Thank you again for the tip from my mystery reader.  I never read such a long book so quickly.  I see there is a sequel, Night Fall.  I may have to pick that up for August for one last enjoyable read before I head back to work at good old Carlson....or is it Shumate, well wherever they tell me to work!  Hard to believe all of the stores of started running the back to school sales.  I wish we started in August, I know most in the education field love their summers off, but usually by the end of July, I am bored and ready to go back to work.  I love my job!


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