E-Books......Take Longer to Read?

Greetings, hope everyone had an safe and enjoyable 4th of July.  As I was browsing around the web this evening I came across an interesting article from CNN's web site.  The article presents findings of a study regarding reading on both the Kindle and the iPad.  It appears reading speed decreases anywhere between 6.2 - 10.7 percent depending on the device.  I find this to be very interesting.  I have only "messed around" with each device, never attempting to read an entire story or book.  Have any of you that have used eReaders notice that it takes longer to finish a book?

Also in gadget news, Apple has experienced some embarrassment recently regarding the new iPhone4.  It appears there are some problems with the new antenna and signal strength meter.  I still plan to pick up this phone soon, but I am going to hold off for a little bit.  It appears a software update should solve this problem.

Wow, I can't believe it is July.  The summer is just flying by and school will be back in session before we know it (I'm sure Target is setting up the "Back to School Section" as I type).  I hope I can enjoy at least two good summer reads before I head back to work in August. 


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