August Read of the Month.....oh man better find something

Wow, where did July go?  It just seemed to disappear.  In a way, I am excited about going back to work later this month.  I know most in the education business love their time off in the summer, but usually by August I am ready to go back to work.  I should not make excuses for being late with my August read, but I have to be honest, the last few days have been quite busy here at the Pehote house.  Plus another one of my Geekly Loves is politics, so I have been online reading about the election results.  So my goal is to find a book by the weekend.  I mentioned earlier I may try the sequel to The Lion's Game, but I may save that for a later date.  Not sure how I feel about reading the books back to back.  I may have to read a classic or education based work to get me in back to school mode.  Hope everyone is having a great summer.  Let me know if you have a good recommendations.


  1. I finished reading "To Kill a Mockingbird" last night. I read the novel in high school and remembered I liked it but not much else. It was nice to re-read a classic again. Also, as a parent I picked up on Aticus's parenting style. Something I would never have noticed as a teenage high school student.

  2. Great book, and this year is the 50th anniversary of the release of To Kill a Mockingbird. Here is a link to a page with information on the celebration,
    I often go back and read classics, I have re-read The Great Gatsby a number of times as a matter of fact. I find something new each time.

  3. hey Mr. Pehote, I just finished Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond. It was quite interesting and I was told his other books are good too. he deals with comparative politics and geography. I have also read Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe, The Beach by Alex Garland and A Small Place by Jamica Kincade recently, these three were for a writing and research class. All these books deal with the theme of travel but it was definitely fun extracting other themes with deeper meaning behind them.
    I'll keep checking back for your recommendations. enjoy the rest of your summer.
    -Ashley Doran

  4. Thanks Ashley, I will have to check out Diamond's works. Sounds interesting. The class you took sounds interesting as well. Feel free to comment anytime you like....also feel free to call me Mike :) Hope you had a great summer as well!


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