Medium Raw/The Death of The Dictionary/ Update

I finished Anthony Bourdain's Medium Raw last week and any fans of his television program, No Reservations on the Travel Channel should enjoy this book.  The book covers many topics, including his "heroes and villains" in the food industry (one of my favorite chapters).  You may have to be a real "food geek" to enjoy the entire book.  Some chapters go on and on about various restaurants and/or menus.  I had no problem with the book, because another one of my loves besides reading and technology is eating!  Fair warning, if vulgar language turns you off in a book, this title may not be for you!

Also, interesting story in The Detroit News today.  Has the Internet killed the printed Oxford Dictionary?  With the development of spell check, dictionary phone applications and Internet dictionary sites this comes as no surprise.  I mean, who really wants to lug around a huge book to check definitions or spelling?  I rarely purchase reference titles for my library(ies).  I do not even remember the last time anyone has used a dictionary in my library.  How many more years until printed dictionaries are gone from the shelves for good?  I assume it will not be too long.

Loyal reader "Daddy O" has updated me regarding his trade in of a digital video camera.  The box (with pre-paid shipping)has arrived, and he is ready to ship the product in for evaluation.  He did have to contact the company, because the box may not have been large enough.  No phone number was provided, as all contact had to be completed via email.  "Daddy O" informed me his email was answered quickly with a helpful answer.  More updates to follow! 


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