Update on the Amazon Book Trade In

As I mentioned in an early post, I sold my text book back to Amazon.com last week.  I shipped the book out last Tuesday (8/17) via the United States Postal Service (paid for by Amazon, I did provide the box).  The item was received on Saturday (8/21) and by mid day Monday (8/23) the full amount was credited to my Amazon.com gift card account.  It worked perfectly.  What a great way to sell back the old book.  I did not have to deal with Paypal or travel downtown to sell the book back at the bookstore.

I am still waiting to sell my iPhone, as I have to purchase the new model first.  However, a loyal reader contacted me to point out that he was selling a video camera back through Gazelle.com.  They were shipping him the pre-paid postage box, all he has to do is ship it back, and a check will be mailed!  I am curious to see how well this all works.  I plan to sell my iPhone 3g to either Amazon or Gazelle (depending on their offer). 

I am nearly finished with Anthony Bourdain's  Medium Raw, so I should be able to post a review by this weekend.  Now I just need to start going through my lists and comments to find a book for September.  Where did summer go?  It is back to work Monday (and I can not wait!)


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