The $99 Netbook

I have come to the conclusion that I need to find a second computer for my house.  The main computer I use is my Macbook Pro (going on three years old and running perfectly).  All of my photographs, important documents, and work related items are on this machine.  I use the machine to pay most of my bills, keep track of all of my banking, and file my taxes each year.  It is an extremely valuable machine.

At the same time, I realize the importance of my children needing to be exposed to a computer at home.  I just worry about them using my main computer.  So for the past few weeks I have been scanning the advertisements looking for a second computer.  Just a simple machine my kids can use to play web-based games, or the wife can use to shop online (or I can use to set my fantasy football lineup).  I can not believe how far prices have dropped.  I mean, you can even pick up a $99 netbook at CVS Pharmacy (I do not make any product recommendation, just pointing out how little one can pay for a netbook).  Keep in mind, netbooks are designed for all web based work (little to no hard drive).  However, with the development of many web based sites (Google docs, Flickr, etc) one may not even need a hard drive.  Many think the computer of the future will not even make use of a hard disc drive.  Everything will be web-based remotely. 

It appears I can pick up a nice notebook for simple tasks from about $200 - $400.  Now my kids will be able to use a machine, and not stress me out about losing important files or memories on my main notebook computer.  With computer prices falling I think it is reasonable to have a second machine in the house.  


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