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A few topics this fine September evening.  First I would like to thank and commend the Gibraltar School District board of education on their decision to bring back a full time librarian to Shumate Middle School.  This will allow me to return full time to Carlson High School as the librarian.  Great news, my colleague at Shumate does such a wonderful job!.  Glad to hear she will be back where she belongs.

Spoke with loyal reader "Daddy O" today, as he took time to "pop in" to my office.  He wanted to let me know that accepted his digital video camera and was sending him a check for the full price promised via his online appraisal.  He told me the check is in the mail and that he looks forward to using the site again when he needs to recycle old electronic products.

I want to finish with just a little summary of my Sunday afternoon.  Wow, how watching the National Football League on Sundays has changed over the years.  I remember watching just one or two games years ago when I was teen.  Now there are up to three games on during the day and another game on at night.  DirectTv costumers can purchase the Sunday Ticket Package which allows viewers to watch every NFL game on Sundays (blackout rules still apply).  Even more enjoyable, The NFL Redzone channel offered on Comcast.  What a great jumps from game to game, showing each touchdown as it happens (this works really well with my ADD tendencies).  It even carries clips from local games that are blacked out (ummmm most Detroit Lion's games).  If you are a Fantasy Football geek like me, this channel is amazing.  I also have my notebook computer out the entire game, checking all of my fantasy leagues.  Wow, have things have changed in just ten years or so.  So much for just sitting on the couch with a beer and a bag of Better Mades huh?


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