Proud to Be Raising Readers

I have only been a parent for a short period of time (just short of six years).  Just like being a husband, being a dad has its good days and bad days, its ups and downs.  Of course I get frustrated when rooms are left a mess, or my little "angels" do not want to eat the dinner I spent forever preparing.  I realize for all the bad moments, there are plenty more positive moments to focus on each day.  That is how I try to look at things daily as a husband and father.

One of my proudest accomplishments during my short tenure as a father so far is raising two children that love books and reading.  I am not going to lie, our house if filled with books.  Big surprise, with me being a librarian and all....but not a month goes by without a new book finding its way into our book box downstairs or upstairs onto an overflowing shelf in my son's room.  I do my best to read to both of my children each day.  I love witnessing Chloe and Nate incorporating books into their play.  If my children are not just enjoying browsing through a book, the are using them as toys when they play "school" or "restaurant".  My daughter was so excited to be able to pick two books out at her book fair last week at school.  You would have thought it was Christmas or her birthday when she came running off the bus to show me what she picked for herself and her brother.

I was also so impressed to witness my daughter taking Accelerated Reader tests as a kindergartner last school year(a very young kindergartner, she does not turn 6 until later this November)!  Every day when my daughter returns home from school we work on her homework....often reading homework.  I always have a proud smile on face during these times.  I can not take all the credit for this.  I am greatly appreciative toward the teaching and media staff at Chapman Elementary School in the Gibraltar School District.  Their summer reading program is wonderful, and helps me keep my children reading during the summer months.

I hope my children continue to make me a proud father for their academic achievements.  Personally, I find academic achievements to be greatly undervalued in our society.  I am often discouraged by this reality, but do my best to trudge forward as an educator.  Do not get me wrong, I love athletics, I have coached varsity track and field for the past thirteen seasons.  I love pro, college and high school athletics and have both of my children involved in athletics currently.  I hope they do well in everything they attempt, however, if I raise them to be lifelong readers, I know they will be on the path to greatness.  It is just as important to spend time reading a book to your kids as it is tossing the football to them out in the front yard.  More than likely, the reading will be a bigger factor in their future than tossing that ball around.  

Chloe, Nate and I in the Great Smoky Mountains


  1. We too love to see our little one, book in hand! She loves to read and with BOTH parents being teachers, we hope it continues.
    Great article Mike!

  2. Thanks anonymous, glad to hear your little one enjoys reading as well! I'm sure she will go on to do great things!

  3. Anonymous Sicilian :)October 4, 2010 at 4:19 PM

    Nice article my friend. Its amazing what our son Nicholas picks up from pre-school and what he can grasps when we read to him. I have been reading to him every night since he has a baby. Jake is not to far behind. Hope all is well and keep up the good blogging!

  4. Anonymous Sicilian, you are both great parents. I'm sure one day years from now both boys will be sitting down to enjoy a great Mario Puzo classic!

  5. Mike:

    I really agree with what you said about academic acheivment being under valued. For me personally, I know I didn't try my hardest in college and to be honest, didn't try really at all in high school. I think that parents should reward their children for good grades. Whatever motivates the child. Wether it be taking them to a sporting event of their choice if they get 3 A's on their report card, or maybe paying them $30 for every "B" and $45 for every "A". I saw a man on TV talking about this and thought it was great.

    I enjoy reading your blogs. Keep up the good work Mike.

    Ben Morris

  6. While I never got cash when I was younger both of my parents made it clear how important good grades where. I still remember how mad they where when I had a C+ in Junior High. That may have been ok for others, but not for me. Again, thanks for the kind words!


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