My New's Great, but Nobody can Hear Me

I picked up my new iPhone 4 on Sunday.  Like I said in an early post, it is amazing.  Now, I tend not to talk much on the phone, so when I wrote my first post I had yet to make a call.  On Monday, my wife called and could not hear anything I said.  I could hear her, but she heard nothing.  Not good for a phone that was only one day old.  I messed around with the phone a little bit Monday evening at home.  I soon discovered the microphone portion of the phone did not work (people could only hear me during calls when I used the headphones or speakerphone).

I quickly made a call to Apple.  Their phone support is wonderful.  The agent had me attempt a few fixes, include a clean reset of the phone.  Nothing worked, so I called Apple back with my case number early Tuesday morning.  I was provided with the option of shipping the phone in for replacement or purchasing Apple care (2 year coverage) for $60.  If I purchased the coverage a new phone would be sent to my house ASAP.  I did purchase Applecare coverage for my Macbook Pro a few years ago and was really happy with the service.   I decided I did not want to be without a phone for a few days so I picked up the Apple Care (it extends the normal 90 day coverage to two years of coverage).  The phone was at my house today (shipped overnight).  Not bad at all.  I already have the new phone synced up and ready to go.  It works perfectly!

I always think one of the best measures of a company is how they perform when something goes "wrong."  I am always happy with costumer service at Apple.  They are fast, professional, and have always left me satisfied.  They even replaced my battery on my notebook computer (something few computer companies will do).  Yes, Apple is pricey, but you do get what you pay for!

I think back to a local limo company I used a few years ago.  The bus I rented broke down on I-75, the way this company reacted went above and beyond what is expected.  I left that evening more impressed with the company than if everything would have went as planned.  What are some companies you prefer working with?  What about companies you would like to avoid?


  1. Hey Mike,

    I do business with lots of companies wether it be personal or business.

    Some that I like are: Verizon Wireless, LL Bean (clothing store), Strategy One computers (southgate) Bob Peranis hockey shop (Taylor), Millers bar (Dearborn), Rays Prime Meats (Taylor)

    Some that I dislike are: Comcast, Sibley Gardens (I like their food, but don't like the service.... it could be better), Trenton Printing.

    All in all, if a company goes the extra mile to make you feel like they really "appreciate" your business, that is all that I am looking for.

    Ben Morris

  2. I have heard great things about Millers, I have to try one of those burgers. Thanks for the kind words


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