New iPhone 4/Reading 2 Books at Once

Well, I finally updated my iPhone 3g to the new iPhone 4 today.  I had no problem syncing all of my information from my Macbook pro to the iPhone4 (everything that was on my old phone was on my new phone in a matter of minutes).  The guy at the store attempted to switch my contacts over, but it did not work.  Not a problem, like I said it took just a few minutes at home to transfer everything over.  I have not spent much time playing with the new phone, but I will say there is clearly a difference with speed.  My iPhone 3g was lagging with the new software update.  Everything is so much faster on the iPhone 4.  Also, the new screen is clearly an improvement.  As I use it (and play with it) this week I will be sure to update. 

I am happy to have The Lion back in my possession.  So now I am reading both my September and October reads of the month.  This should not be a problem.  I am nearly finished with The Lion and about halfway finished with my October read.  I am really enjoying both books.  Finding books should not be a problem, as we plan to start up our "Carlson Readers" Book of the Month this week at Carlson High School!


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