September Read of the Month

I finished The Lion the other day while attending my REMC meeting at Wayne County RESA (a great once of month meeting of School Librarians from throughout Wayne County).  It took a little while to finish this book because I ended up leaving it in my cousins car during a road trip to Pittsburgh and back.  This is the second book by Nelson DeMille that I have read.  I read The Lion's Game earlier this year (based on the recommendation of a reader of this blog).  I must say that I loved both books!

One reason I enjoy the series has to be the main character/protagonist, ex NYC detective John Corey.  His commentary is so amusing throughout both novels.  I love the fact that even in times of extreme danger/stress he is still able to be a "smart ass," for lack of better terms.  He enjoys a good drink and a good woman.  The novel starts of quickly with plenty of action (it is extremely violent, graphic as a matter of fact, so if you do not care for that in your book selection you may want to stay away).  Much like the The Lion's Game, The Lion involves terrorism and FBI/police investigation.  This time, the antagonist Asad Khalil is back to get revenge on John Corey and his wife for the problems they gave him in the previous novel.  Shocking moments throughout the novel made this an easy, quick read.  I loved the book.  The only problem I had was the ending of the novel seemed "rushed."  Everything was set up so well throughout the novel, by the time the ending came around it seemed liked it was jammed into the final ten pages or so.  Not a major complaint, just the way I feel about the ending of the book.  If you love action/crime novels you may want to give this one a try.  I just recommend reading The Lion's Game first. 

Now I just need to finish my October Read of the Month and I should be all set.  It should not be a problem, I am nearly 3/4 of the way finished.  Hope everyone is enjoying a great book this October!


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