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This past week while creeping around on Facebook I was excited to see so many status updates regarding the new Harry Potter Film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  So many friends were excited about the release of the film.  I think the movies are great.  Now, I have not seen all of them, but the films I have seen are very good.  I must admit, I have yet to read any of the novels.  Please do not judge, I do not know why I have yet to take the time to read any of Rowling's works.  I hope to read the entire series in 2011.  My own kids love the early films, however as the films have progressed they have grown quite "dark."  The newer films tend to scare them, I am sure they will want to see them when they get older.  I also hope they enjoy reading the novels.

So, where there any Potter fans out there this past weekend to see the film?  Did anyone go to a midnight showing?  Maybe dressed up in costume?  I love all of this, because while it may be a movie, it all comes from a great literary series.  It is so nice to see people excited about a series of books.  I may be crazy, but it just seems like reading has really picked up among young people in the past five years and I really think the Potter series is a major reason.  Through in the technological advancements in the world of reading, we may just be raising more readers here in the 21st. century! 


  1. Harvard had a sneak preview last Thursday, so I didn't have to stay up until midnight. Honestly, I thought it seemed really, really long. The book worked for me, but seeing it all playing out on the screen felt slow. I was the only one in my group who thought so; everyone else loved it. My friend JD hasn't read the books and thought parts of the movie were confusing, but he still liked it.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. It felt long and there is still another movie to go to, wow! I will probably wait until I can watch at home, that will give me time to read the book(s). Happy Thanksgiving to you as well Meg!


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