Holiday Tech Geek List, 2010

Now that it is November it is time to start thinking about the holiday season and Christmas.  I am such a tech geek I make sure to browse through the Best Buy circular every Sunday.  I guess it brings me back to my days browsing through all the toys in the Sear's Catalog.  Of course a number of things have caught my eye over the past year.  I just paid off my last major purchase at Best Buy (my Cannon SLR which I LOVE) so I guess that means only one thing.  Putting together a wish list for the Holidays.

  • Nintendo DSi (Pink) This is what my daughter wants for Christmas.  I have never been much of a hand-held video game type of guy.  I really do not know much about it, but one thing I do like is the large amount of educational games available.  I think "Santa" will be picking this one up soon, so keep this quiet!  Not sure how my son will feel about sharing with it being "pink."  Odds That I Purchase 99%
Pink Power: I love having a daughter

  • A Low Price Notebook Computer First, let may say that I love my MacBook Pro, and that is the reason that I need to buy another machine.  I want both of my children to be computer literate at a young age.  At the same time I do not want all of my financial information, important documents, photographs, videos, etc. wiped out by one of my children using the main computer.  I am really not worried about processor speed, graphic cards and hard drive space.  This machine will basically be a web browser with a little bit of document production.  I realize a netbook may do the job, but I do prefer a machine with a little more (including a hard drive).  Odds that I Purchase 99%
  • iPod Shuffle in Pink This is also for my daughter.  She loves music, and this is the by far the easiest way to listen to music.  She has a "discman" but who really wants to lug around a bunch of compact discs any more?  I just have to set up a separate play list on my iTunes account and sync it with her Shuffle.  It is also the easiest way to buy music as well.  Odds that I Purchase 85%
Even More Pink Power

  • An iPad or maybe a Kindle   This is all me!  As many of my readers know, I have been going back and forth about buying an eReader.  One day I want to, the next I have no desire.  One day I love the Apple, the next I realize it is overpriced and I should pick up the Kindle.  As I write today I must not be in a big eReader mood.  Odds that I Purchase the iPad 10%, the Kindle 30%.
  • A New LCD Television I just started thinking about this the other day.  I have an old HD television, sadly I made the purchase way back when plasma first hit the market (and was way too expensive).  Now prices have come way down and I think it may be time to take the leap.  I really think there may be a new television in my great room before the Pittsburgh Steelers play on Superbowl Sunday early in 2011!  Odds That I Purchase 50%
Yep, I Still Have One of These Beasts in my Great Room
  •  2011 Lincoln Navigator  No, I did not win the lottery and no this blog did not get picked up by  Remember this is just a wish list.  I do have a lease wrapping up early in 2011 so I will be car shopping soon.  I love all of the new technology Ford is providing in their new cars.  So much has changed just in the last three years.  I am really excited to see what options I will have in the car I purchase in 2011.  Odds That I Purchase (2011 Navigator) .5%, Odds That I Purchase Another Sweet, New Ford Product 95% 

One Day, One Day You Will Be Mine

So, what is on your tech wish this list year?  Have you been a good boy or girl?  Of course my most important wish is that I am able to spend time with my friends and family over the holidays.  As long as I wake up Christmas morning with my two little ones and my wife at home it will be a perfect holiday, no gifts necessary!  Let the Holiday Shopping Season begin.....try not to throw too many elbows on Black Friday! 


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