No More Tapes

About six years ago I made the jump to digital video and purchased a digital video camera.  I did this just in time for the birth of my first child.  At first I used the camera all of the time.  Shooting video here and there, then taking the time to find a Firewire cable to put the video on my computer.  I even "made" a few movies on my computer.  By the time my second child was born I was using the camera less and less.  It was just easier to shoot a little video on my point and click digital camera when I needed some video.  Once I purchased my new digital SLR camera, I started enjoying still photography so much more, I rarely used my camcorder.  I lugged the video camera and tapes down to Disney World and never used it once.  I just took a ton of still photos and shot some video with my point and click digital camera.  Now I never use the old camcorder and I am searching for some easier ways to shoot video.

Lately, many individuals have started using flip style digital cameras.  They are very easy to use, and simply upload videos to your computer through a USB port.  Point and shoot and you have some HD video ready to go (720p/30 frames per second).  No tapes needed.  What a great solution.  Really, if you are just looking for some fun videos of the kids or family events this is really all you need.  The best part is, no tapes to lug around (or buy for that matter).
Remember lugging around the old style cameras that used VHS tapes?  Wow times have changed!

There are a number of companies that have similar cameras out there (Kodak, Sony, and JVC to name a few).  Some are even waterproof and allow for shooting underwater!  I was about to buy one of these cameras when I realized I already owned a similar product.  The newest version of the iPhone (iPhone 4, as well as the new iPod Touch device) does contain a HD video camera (720p/30 frames per second as well) including a LED flash/light.  This is a great solution, because I am always with my phone.  Therefore I should really never miss any video opportunities.  The device has a 32g hard drive, which provides me with ample storage.  The only problem with the iPhone camera is no zoom feature for video.  There are 3rd party "apps" but from what I hear the quality of the video suffers when using the zoom feature via these applications.  Here is some video I shot using my iPhone 4 a few weeks ago of my daughter climbing "the rope" at gymnastics.  You can see that I am not able to zoom right it, but it does get the job done when needing to shoot video on the go!

On a side note, uploading video to Blogger is annoying and slow.  It was much easier to upload this video to YouTube and embed.

After reviewing my options, I think my best bet is to stick with using my iPhone for video use.  It appears to do a fine job and I now I can save myself around $150.  All I know, it is much easier using my phone than lugging around a bag complete with camera, batteries and tapes.  What do you use for a video camera currently?  Do you remember the old full VHS camcorders?  Some may even remember the old 8mm cameras.  Well, hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and safe "Black Friday!"


  1. Wow, we did the same thing in 2003 right after Ryan was born. Borrowed a friends "mini DV" tape camcorder and then at Christmas time bought a camcorder...upgraded the computer with an additional harddrive and firewire card and all...and never got the hang of editing on computer. I used it all the time, but as you say, by 2006 when Steffy was born, I used it less and less. Now we can't find the charging cord for it anyplace, so it's been useless and collecting dust. I use my canon powershot video cam feature most of the time, and now I have a new phone that has the capability but I haven't tried it yet. Quality is still best with the camcorder, if only I could find the darn power cord!!!!

  2. The tapes are so annoying, my old one works fine, it is just a pain to work with. I may buy my wife the Kodak version, that shoots underwater. Amazon has a nice package deal going.


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