All Time 100 Gadgets (1923 - Present)

On this chilly "snow day" I found myself browsing around online when I came across this interesting article via Time Magazine.  Technology editor Peter Ha picks the greatest and most influential gadgets from 1923 to the present.  They year 1923 was selected because that was the year Time Magazine first appeared on news-stands.  The list is presented in no particular order, so readers could help rank and select which gadgets are the most influential.  The list includes items as basic as a ballpoint pen or credit card to advanced items such as the Apple iPad or TiVo.  You can view the rankings by readers here!

One of the top 100 gadgets that I have used!

Browsing through the list is entertaining.  Sometimes we do not realize how valuable simple items such as a smoke detectors, batteries, or clock radios can be in our daily lives.  At one time, these were major technological advances.  Today they are just normal items we count on to make life easier and safer.  I still remember my first Sony Walkman, nothing like jamming to tunes on old magnetic cassette tapes. Wow how things have changed.  Check out the list, and submit your own rankings.  It is interesting, at the time of my reading many of the items received a ranking of 4 or 5, but the top vote getter was Apple's iPod with an average ranking of 5 and a total of 1708 votes.  I am sure a smoker would rank the Zippo lighter much higher!  What would be your top gadget since 1923?  Not sure if I would call it a gadget, but I am sure glad I have a snow blower here in Michigan today.  Now off to play some NCAA Football on another important gadget of mine, the XBOX 360!


  1. Had fun reminiscing some of these! Thanks Mike!

  2. No problem, fun to go back in time you know. Kids have it so easy now-a-days!


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