Coffee Of The Future or Home Coffee Goes High-Tech

I spent the evening at my sister's house for our family Christmas celebration yesterday.  After a wonderful Mexican feast prepared by my sister I was offered a cup of coffee by my brother-in-law, Jim.  I said sure, and then I was offered a variety of options, almost like I was in a Starbucks or Panera.  How was Jim going to pull this off in his kitchen?  Simple, he had had one of these contraptions on his counter, a Bosch Tassimo Single Serve Coffee Brewer.
Forget Ice Cream of the Future, I Want Coffee of the Future  

Now I realize these have been around for a few years, but I have yet to try a beverage from this type of home brewing system.  Coffee is another one of my loves, so I was tempted to see how this little contraption worked.  I still use a typical 12 cup coffee pot at home, however I am the only one that drinks coffee in my house, so a single serve setup does capture my attention.  The drink arrived quickly with the push of a button.  I have to say, it was tasty.  I was impressed so I had to ask my hosts more about their coffee machine.  They explained how easy it is to use, how there is an entirely different company that produces single cup brewers, and which one they thought was better.  (Note, my brother in-law Jim prefers the one he owns while my sister prefers the other brand...see more below.)  Seems this little machine can brew coffee, tea, hot chocolate, lattes, and cappuccinos.  Wow, things have really changed in the home brewing world!
I Think This Is The Pot My Late Grandma Used To Brew Coffee When I Would Visit, Only Took 30 Minutes

As with everything in America, there is a major "Brand War" when it come to Home Single Cup Brewing.....Tassimo and their high tech T-Discs vs. Keuring and their K-Cups.  Now I realize this is not as heated as the Mac vs. PC or iPhone vs. Android battles going on right now, but there are some differences between the two.  Some companies only make coffee or drinks for one the two types of machines.  After reading around online I think I am leaning toward the Tassimo type machine.  Any coffee fans out there?  Have you tried either of these type of single brew styles at home, or at work (I hear they are becoming popular in company coffee rooms?)  Do you prefer the old 12 cup brewer?  I know after my taste last night, Coffee of the Future is much better than that garbage the call Ice Cream of the Future....blah Dippin Dots!  


  1. Yes my buddy works for Kraft and demoed one at his house. Press 1button and instant what ever you want. Thinking of getting one. Green tea, hot chocolate , coffee , there is much to choose from.

    Bob Cain

  2. Is this one of those things where you have to use the little individual plastic cups of "coffee" to place inside and it brews from that? If so, I thought they were so so when I've had them. Probably good for an office or somewhere that you don't need a whole pot. However, if you drink alot of coffee, I feel it's too much packaging waste and probably alot more expensive than buying your coffee a pound at a time. Plus I like fresh ground coffee. If it's not one of those types than I have no idea!

    My hubby and I kill about 8 cups of our 12 cupper every morning...cause you know a mug is usually closer to two cups anyhow.

    If you are the only coffee drinker, you could just get a Mr. Coffee junior ;) Makes about 2 good mugs, we have a 12 cup for morning and a 4 cup for when one of us is alone and wants more. Dedicated, I know.

  3. Thanks Bob, like I said, Jim had a variety of types, I thought it was pretty cool.

    Michelle, I wish I had another coffee drinker in the house, so I did not have to brew just for myself. I will keep my 12 cup machine for parties, etc. However I think I could grow to like this little gadget, I love my coffee and coffee drinks!

  4. One main advantage of the Keurig is you can buy the k-cup filter. This allows you to use any coffee you have at home in your single service machine. This is benefial for cost purposes as well as if you prefer fresh groung coffee.
    The K cups also offers so much more variety in terms of flavors/brands of coffee. I use the K cups at work using a friends single maker. It is the best cup of coffee I can get. At home we have the Tassimo in which I can only find Vanilla coffee which disappoints me every time.

  5. I was at bed bath and beyond yesterday, and I dont think the K-cups have that much more variety. The may have a slight edge, but I feel that since the Tasimo has Starbucks, Seattles Best, and the ability to make tea, Cappuchino, expresso and Lattes, it is the better choice. The Gentiva brand of coffee isnt bad either. To hell with the environment! I dont care if I have to swim through a sea of T-discs up north at my parents cottage, as long as I'm able to drink that sweet bean nectar I'm happy.

  6. My friend works in advertising (brand dialogue, so lots of social media and things like that), and for a while Tassimo was one of his clients so he has a machine at his house. He likes it a lot for coffee, and his wife uses it all the time for tea. Everyone wins.

    Personally, I'm kind of picky about coffee. I don't drink coffee more than once a week or so, but when I do I think it tastes best made in a French Press. If I drank it more often, a drip machine or Tassimo would be convenient.


  7. Well, being the 35 year old kid that I am, I ran out and bought it today. Not bad with a 20% of coupon and a $50 mail-in-rebate from Bed, Bath and Beyond. Had 3 cups already today and I love it. Happy Holidays to all!


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