December Read of the Month....What a Let Down

For my December Read of the Month I decided to complete The Hunger Games trilogy and picked up Mockingjay.  I loved The Hunger Games back in November, so much so that I finished the sequel Catching Fire shortly after.  This left me with just the final book to finish, so I selected it for my final book of the month for 2010......what a let-down.

Now I do not know what type of reader you are, but if I start reading a book and am not enjoying what I am reading, I will give up and quit.  I can now say I am officially calling it quits with Mockingjay and more than likely I am not going back to read anymore.  I tried starting this book numerous times.  I tried in my bed before going to sleep or on my couch during one of my many days off for winter break.  The final straw took place yesterday.  I spent nearly all day, from 10 a.m. - 8 p.m., at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak.  My father was having a heart procedure and I knew I was going to have lots of time to kill.  There will be little to no distractions with my kids at home, so I had no excuse for not finishing the book.  However, there is one excuse that I could not get over, how bad the book was....well how bad the start of the book was.  I quit reading and spent most of the day watching the various "Judge" shows on the television in the waiting room.  I have spoke with some others who have read all three, and some agree that they do not like the third book (or the second for that matter).  I was just disappointed because I loved the first book so much.  I did not even get half-way through the book before I quit.  Let's just say the story-line is really not that impressive and I found myself bored.  Nothing like the first two books!

Who knows, one day I may pick it back up and give it another try, but more than likely I will not.  That is just the way I am with books (and television shows/movies).  It has a lot to do with how my ADD mind works I assume.  How do you handle books you do not like?  I know there are two "camps" out there.  Those that quit (like me) or those that trudge through to finish and give the entire book a chance.  Will you finish an entire book, even if you despise it as you are reading?  Well time to find a new book for the first month of to Borders with my gift cards, Happy New Years!


  1. I am upset to hear Mockingjay isn't good! I am in the middle of Catching Fire, and I haven't been able to put them down! If I get bored with a book, I have a hard time finishing it too. So I hope I can get through the third book. I have started numerous books that I have not finished...which I hate doing. But, it happens!

    -Alex Stewart

  2. Hey Alex, I did like Catching Fire, and you may like Mockingjay, give it a try. I tried it for about 50/60 pages and could not go any further. I hate giving up to, but I would rather move onto a good read than waste time on something I am not enjoying.


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