Google to Launch Book Store

The giant, web based everything company Google is set to introduce their own e-Book store.  The Wall Street Journal has a story here explaining what is planned by the web giant.  The Google online e-Book store, known as "Google Editions" will include many smaller, independent book stores as well as their own e-Book resources.  The purchases (whether through Google or though the smaller stores) will be stored in an "online library."  Readers will be able to access their purchases on any device with web a web browser.  (Think of how Google docs can be accessed anywhere with any web browser).

eBooks purchased in the iBookstore (via Apple) can be accessed on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, as well as up to five computers with authorized iTunes accounts.  eBooks purchased through Amazon (for the Kindle) may be accessed on a variety of devices that run Kindle software.  It appears Google is concerned more with providing the eBooks than actually providing the device on which to read them.  Here is a short video explaining Google Editions:

Now I am even more confused about what to do regarding an e-Reader.  I guess I will just keep my holding pattern and make a decision sometime in 2011!  I still think a quality reading device is important.  I could never see myself reading an entire book on a computer screen, my eyes would fry!  Fear not, my Book of the Month blog entry will be up soon (a print edition for sure).  Happy December!


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