Tech Santa Left Under The Tree

Back in November, I put together my 2010 Tech Holiday Wish List for Santa.  Turns out I ended up with a few of the items on the list and added a few extras as well.  To start, I am typing this blog tonight on an entry level Dell Insipron 15 Laptop computer.  Like I mentioned back in my original blog post, I was not looking for a workhorse, do-everything computer.  I have a powerful notebook already with my Macbook Pro.  I wanted a second computer that could be used by my kids with no worries of losing important information and documents.  I can keep the machine in the great-room and hop-on whenever I needed to do some work, instead of running upstairs to the computer desk, or bringing the Macbook downstairs.  This Dell was cheap, and it feels that way in a cheap plastic case.  You do "get what you pay for" but this is all I wanted.  It is reasonably quick and has not given me any problems yet.  I am sure it will do its job as our basic, family computer.

My sister sent the Pink iPod Shuffle to my daughter for her birthday (in late November).  Within minutes I had a play-list ready to go for my daughter.  She loves walking around the house singing along with all of her favorite artists.  Nice touch by Apple/i-Tunes to allow me to control a max volume output before giving it to my daughter to use.  Hopefully she does not end up with bad hearing like her old man!

Santa did bring an Nintendo DsiXL in red for my daughter.  She originally wanted Pink, but I think Santa liked the idea of the special edition Red package that came with the Mario Cart game.  This is a great little gadget.  She loves walking around the house snapping pictures with the build-in digital camera.  The games are great!  I have not played a hand-held gaming system in a while, and I must say I am impressed with gadget as well!

I did not buy, or receive a Kindle or iPad, which is fine.  I also decided against upgrading to a new television at this time, and sadly there was no Lincoln Navigator wrapped in a bow in  my driveway (which is probably a good thing with gas now over $3 a gallon).  However there were a few items not on the original wish list that made there way into the Pehote home this holiday season.  I did pick up my wife this Kodak HD Video Camera gift pack so we do not have to lug around a video camera with tapes.  I still have to "play with this" a little bit, but I think it is going to be a great gadget for the wife to slip in her purse and shot video when needed.  I wrote about my final holiday tech purchase a few days ago.  I picked up the Tassimo Single Serve Coffee brewer today at Bed, Bath and Beyond along with some packets of coffee/hot chocolate.  I have only had it for a few hours, but I love this thing.  So far I brewed up two Starbucks Cappuccinos, one Starbucks Cafe Verona coffee, and two Suchard Hot Chocolates for the kids.  Everything came out great and tasted delicious. The drinks were strong, but that is how I like my coffee drinks.  Great gadget, I will be using this a lot in 2011.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful Holiday Season and wish all my readers a 2011 filled with gadgets, books and good friends


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