You're Out: What Has Become Obsolete This Decade?

Found another great article online, this from The Huffington Post.  Now before you all you Fox News fans gasp, this article is in no way political.  The site covers a variety of topics, some that have little to do with politics.  I frequent the technology section often to get my geek fix for the day.  This past week, contributor Bianca Bosker put together a great article/slide-show on things that became obsolete this past decade.  You can check out the list and even add items you think should be included.  What do you think of the original slide show?  While I agree with some, I realize others are truly not obsolete.  Obviously we still need wires for many things.  I also do not think the book store is obsolete.......yet.  What else do you see disappearing in the new future?  Happy Holidays to all!


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