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Some Tech Notes on Snow Michigan Saturday

A few things I noticed as I was browsing online this morning.  First, it appears that Amazon has sold more Kindle e-Books than paperback books for the first time (according to 2010 4th quarter sales).  I am not surprised by the numbers.  As a matter of fact, I think the numbers for e-Book sales will just continue to grow as prices come down for the devices/readers. MLIVE also  had an article on how e-Books are impacting college textbooks .  I recall the days spending hundreds of dollars for all my textbooks, only to receive a small amount in return when it was time to sell the books back.  It seemed like every semester I would spend like $500 only to get $70 back when it came time to sell back the books.  It appears that digital texts are helping bring costs down for college students (which is a good thing, because I have never met a wealthy college student.) Last bit of tech news is actually a little scary.  I am sure all of you have read  about the uprising taking place in Egypt

Is Reading Back?

Interesting article I stumbled across the other day while online.  It appears with the introduction of tablets and eReaders that more Americans are shutting down the television in favor of reading on their new gadgets.   The study mentioned in the article claims that the main bulk of iPad text consumption takes place during the 7 p.m. - 11 p.m. time period (prime time television viewing time).  Has the iPad brought reading back at the expense of big-time network television? I have made it clear that I am watching much less television lately.  I spend most of my evenings either reading, writing, or playing around on one of my computers or gadgets (yes that includes an XBox 360, I do not think I will ever grow up).  The study does not make it clear if users are multi-tasking or focusing on just their iPad or iPhone. I really think the new tablets and e-Readers are going to increase the popularity of reading (probably without users even realizing it).  Those of you with an iPad or e-

It Was The Best Of Times, It Was The Worst Of Times.....

Alright fellow Book Geeks, American Book Review has put together a list of the 100 Best First Lines from novels .  It is not clearly stated if the list is an actually top 100 in order, or if it is just a list of 100 great first lines.  I tend to think it may actually be a top one-hundred list because of the classics that appear in the top ten.  It is fun and amusing to browse through the list to see how just how many of the books I have read.  It is also interesting to see if I remember any of these famous "first lines." Of course, the main reason "100 Best" lists are created is to let readers argue about what is on or left off the list and where the items appear on the list.  I really have no problem with number one on this list, "Call me Ishmael" from Herman Melville's Moby-Dick .  Melville's famous novel frequently appears on top 100 novel lists.  Ishmael is one of the most famous literary characters of all time!  I'm Number 1, I'

Safety Technology in Automobiles Hits Home

Before becoming a parent I never really thought much about safety features when buying a car.  The salesperson would mention airbags or anti-lock breaks, but I was always more concerned with the size of the engine, or what kind of gadgets I can add as extras.  Once I became a parent I started to take a little more notice of things like latch restraints and side curtain airbags, but they still were not that important to me.  Thankfully my wife would always take notice of the safety features as I tried to determine what kind of options I should add to the interior.  Well, something happened last week that changed my life and outlook on automobile safety forever. Last Tuesday started like any normal day.  It was going to be my second day back from winter break, and I was looking forward to preparing the Carlson High School Library for the new calendar year.  I was just about to leave for work and my mother-in-law asked if I would take her car and she could keep mine (her car only has on

January Read of The Month.....Rough Start to 2011

Greetings and Happy New Year.  I apologize for the delay in posts, but the end of the 2010 and start to 2011 have been a little shaky to say the least.  As I mentioned in a previous post the year ended with my father having a heart procedure.  Things got even worse during this first week back to work, as my mother-in-law and son were in a serious auto accident that totaled one of my two cars.  Thankfully, nobody was seriously injured.  Throw in the normal holiday cleanup of late December and early January, it is easy to see why The Geekly Reader has been slacking. So now, on January 6th I hope I can finally settle in for 2011 and continue a wonderful year of blogging.  I have a lot of topics I want to write about this year, and of course a ton of gadgets I want to buy (or at least try out).  I have a few books backed up that I need to get reading, but I think after these rough two weeks I need a laugh.  Thankfully, a good friend at work gave me a late Christmas gift today,  Lewis B