Is Reading Back?

Interesting article I stumbled across the other day while online.  It appears with the introduction of tablets and eReaders that more Americans are shutting down the television in favor of reading on their new gadgets.   The study mentioned in the article claims that the main bulk of iPad text consumption takes place during the 7 p.m. - 11 p.m. time period (prime time television viewing time).  Has the iPad brought reading back at the expense of big-time network television?

I have made it clear that I am watching much less television lately.  I spend most of my evenings either reading, writing, or playing around on one of my computers or gadgets (yes that includes an XBox 360, I do not think I will ever grow up).  The study does not make it clear if users are multi-tasking or focusing on just their iPad or iPhone.

I really think the new tablets and e-Readers are going to increase the popularity of reading (probably without users even realizing it).  Those of you with an iPad or e-Reader, have you found that you are watching television less?  Do you try to do both at the same time (read and watch TV)?


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