January Read of The Month.....Rough Start to 2011

Greetings and Happy New Year.  I apologize for the delay in posts, but the end of the 2010 and start to 2011 have been a little shaky to say the least.  As I mentioned in a previous post the year ended with my father having a heart procedure.  Things got even worse during this first week back to work, as my mother-in-law and son were in a serious auto accident that totaled one of my two cars.  Thankfully, nobody was seriously injured.  Throw in the normal holiday cleanup of late December and early January, it is easy to see why The Geekly Reader has been slacking.

So now, on January 6th I hope I can finally settle in for 2011 and continue a wonderful year of blogging.  I have a lot of topics I want to write about this year, and of course a ton of gadgets I want to buy (or at least try out).  I have a few books backed up that I need to get reading, but I think after these rough two weeks I need a laugh.  Thankfully, a good friend at work gave me a late Christmas gift today, Lewis Black's I'm Dreaming of a Black Christmas.  I hope to start and finish this weekend.  I can usually read a humorous title like this in a day or two.  I also hope to write a little about my new car shopping experience, as there is some great new technology in automobiles in 2011.  Happy New Year!  


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about the car accident, but glad everyone is okay!

  2. Thanks, going to write about it.....right now!


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