Some Tech Notes on Snow Michigan Saturday

A few things I noticed as I was browsing online this morning.  First, it appears that Amazon has sold more Kindle e-Books than paperback books for the first time (according to 2010 4th quarter sales).  I am not surprised by the numbers.  As a matter of fact, I think the numbers for e-Book sales will just continue to grow as prices come down for the devices/readers.

MLIVE also had an article on how e-Books are impacting college textbooks.  I recall the days spending hundreds of dollars for all my textbooks, only to receive a small amount in return when it was time to sell the books back.  It seemed like every semester I would spend like $500 only to get $70 back when it came time to sell back the books.  It appears that digital texts are helping bring costs down for college students (which is a good thing, because I have never met a wealthy college student.)

Last bit of tech news is actually a little scary.  I am sure all of you have read about the uprising taking place in Egypt, (and if you have not, I must say, I am honored that you read this blog before other major news sites).  I am not here to write about the politics involved in the uprising, more so about the tech aspect.  In an effort to cut down on communication, the Egypitian government shut down Internet access.  Seems hard to believe, I am sure you think it could never happen here in the land of the free right?

"Not so fast my friend"    

Well, in the words of the great Lee Corso, "not so fast my friend!"  Interesting write-up here that explains how Egypt is shutting down the web, and how it could be done here in the United States.  Interesting, the DNS issue/solution presented by the writer is the reason I wrote this entry last month when my internet connection went down.  I am not sure if this is really something to worry about here?  What do you think?  Think there really is a "big red button" that the President can push, not to launch a nuke, but shut down the web?  Seems hard to believe.


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