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February Read of the Month, I am Number Four

I have completed my February book of the month I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore just in time to coincide with the release of the film version.  I was really impressed with the book.  Usually science fiction is not my favorite genre, yet this novel held my attention.  I finished the book in about a week, and really did not want to put it down.  If it was not for other commitments I would have probably finished the book in a few days.

Brief summary, the main character "John Smith" as he is known by most in the novel is an alien from the planet of Lorien which was destroyed by another rival violent alien species, the Mogadorians.  John and eight other aliens were able to escape to earth before Lorien was destroyed.  They are the last of their race, and the Mogadorians have come to earth to kill all nine from Lorien.  Thanks to a spell placed on the nine Lorien aliens, they must be killed in order, one to nine.  Once one of the nine is killed a mark appears around the ankle of the remaining survivors.  John Smith is number four, and the novel starts with a third ring appearing around his ankle, singling that he is next to die.  The novel focuses on his arrival and existence in Paradise, Ohio.  I can not forget to mention there is a love story thrown in as well, which helps make the novel appealing to both males and females (even with all of the alien aspects).  That is all I am providing summary wise for this blog, I do not want to spoil the book and/or movie for anyone out there.

As I mentioned before I was entertained by the novel.  I thought it was a great book with great characters.  While it may be science fiction and filled with aliens, it was still very realistic!   Remember, John Smith and his guardian Henri have to fit in on Earth, so most of the time John is like an average teenager.  The only problem I have with the novel is during the final chapters when the climax of the book takes place.  It seems like during all of the major battles at the end of the novel there would be some interaction with emergency responders of earth (police, fire, etc.) and none appear.  Buildings are being destroyed and massive storms are taking place, yet only the characters in the novel are present; just a small point that seemed odd.  I am curious as to how the film handles the end of the book.  Which brings me to my next point.

How Do You Explain This To Your Non-Alien Girlfriend?

Should I go so the movie?  First, I rarely go to the movies, maybe once or twice a year.  Now that I am a father, most of the movies I see are kids' films.  However, after reading the book and viewing the trailer, I am interested in seeing the film.  I am just worried about the movie destroying the book for me.  A sequel, The Power of Six is set for release in late August.  I will be picking it up, after enjoying this book so much.  So I do not want to get down on this series if the movie was bad.  Did anyone see the film this past weekend?  Anyone read the book and see the film?  Let me know in the comments please!


  1. Sorry you feel that way. If you are not into sci-fi or aliens it may not be for you.


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