Google's Online Library Blocked

Since 2004, Google has been working with libraries across the world to help create the world's largest digital library.  Partner libraries include The New York Public Library, Harvard Library, and The University of Michigan Library.  A list of all of the library partners is available here.  To those looking for information and books this an amazing idea, not so great for authors and publishers trying to protect their property.  A federal judge rejected a settlement Google reached with publishers in late 2009.  Judge Denny Chin is concerned that Google may have too much control of the digitizing of texts.

As I read this article I think about an essay question that was on the exam for my library research students this past tri-mester at Carlson High School.  I basically asked if the library as we know it will be around in 10, 50 and 100 years.  With each passing year, it seems like the library as we know it is a thing of the past.  I still think libraries will be around, I just can't see them so dependent on printed text.  Libraries are great resources for learning, research, and community activities.  Physical space and technology will play important roles in libraries of the future.  Still, I can't deny a large library filled with books just gives me chills.  I think back to the scene in the film Seven when Morgan Freeman's character searches the stacks of the large public library.  Great film, and a great scene for a library geek like myself.  So, are the libraries days numbered?  Will we even need libraries when the books are all digitized?  I sure hope they are around for a while.

Just Not The Same Scene if Detective Somerset is Searching on a Computer


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