iPad 2 Released, Yep Another E-Reader Discussion.

Since the beginning of this blog I have been debating the pros and cons of purchasing an e-Reader.  I change my mind daily, some days thinking I have to pick one up and others thinking there is no way I want to give up on the printed book.  When day-dreaming of E-readers I can't ignore Apple's iPad as they just released a new version last week.  Gizmodo provides a great review of the new iPad, including a handy chart to help consumers decide which model they should purchase.

When I really think about it, I do not need an i-Pad, even if I want an E-reader of some type.  I currently own an i-Phone 4, which is basically a smaller i-Pad.  Also, there are still complaints about glare when using the i-Pad as a reader.  I really have a problem buying a E-reader that does not have a color display.  That is probably the only thing holding me back from picking up a Kindle from Amazon.  Who knows, according to some sources I may not even have to buy a Kindle.  I have heard the rumors about Amazon Prime members receiving a free Kindle for a few months now.  Another reason to hold off on the purchase.


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