March is Reading Month Celebrations

Of course reading is important every month, yet March is the "official reading month."  Why March?  Well March 2nd is Dr. Suess's Birthday.  Adults are encouraged to take some time today and read to a child.  This little step by a parent can play such an important role in their child's future.  Reading just a few minutes each day can help prepare your child to be life-long reader.

There were numerous events in schools in the area to celebrate Dr. Suess's birthday.  I know my daughter was excited to wear pajamas today and take part in the reading of various Dr. Suess books.  She was able to bring in one of her favorite Suess books to share with her class.  Friday morning her teacher is putting on a Green Eggs and Ham breakfast.   A friend of mine (a local police officer) popped into my office today and as he left shared how excited he was about being the guest reader in his son's class later in the day.  I love the excitement about reading, especially that I see and hear of in the elementary schools.  I just wish it would transfer over more to those older students in the middle and high schools.  I have some plans for some give-a-ways in my library to try and encourage reading this month.  We will see how it goes.  Book of the month will be up tomorrow....I hope


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