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Netflix Brought Down Comcast Next?

Interesting story out today regarding Netflix and the number of their subscribers.   Netflix, the home DVD delivery service now boasts the same amount of subscribers as Philadelphia based cable giant Comcast. This, fresh off the death of DVD Rental Chain Blockbuster Video. Goodbye Overpriced Rentals, Lousy Selections and Outrageous Late-fees I was not surprised to see Blockbuster completely fail recently (both stores near my home are empty).  Many blame the "death" of Blockbuster on Netflix.  The truth is, Netflix was just the final nail in Blockbuster's coffin.  Thanks to HD on Demand movies through cable and satellite services who would want to take the time to drive out and pay Blockbuster's high rates?  Once Netflix came on the scene and started mailing DVDs to subscribers' mailboxes Blockbuster was reeling.  Add streaming selections through gaming systems (or in some cases right to televisions) Blockbuster was dead.  Now, will Comcast meet the same fate

My Video Gaming History and Future????

As my 36th birthday draws closer I realize that I am still playing video games well into my 30's.  I am not sure if I should be proud of this or embarrassed.  Those that know me understand that I rarely, if ever get embarrassed, so I guess that fact is that I am proud that I still game.  I decided today I would go back in time and re-live my home console gaming experience from childhood to present. Systems from the Past Pong Does this have online play?   Pong was the first home gaming system I remember playing.  My dad had a system in the basement.  I remember playing the game on a small black and white television.  Very simple game, two bars and "ball" that was volleyed back and forth across the screen.  If you mention "Pong" today I am sure most people would think of beer pong, not a home video game system.  While it was simple, and quickly became boring, at the time I thought Pong was the greatest thing in the world, that is until my parents brough

April Read of the Month Recap

I just finished reading Looking for Alaska by John Green earlier this week.  I have to say it was a quick read with great characters and an interesting plot.  The main character/narrator is Miles Halter, an awkward teenager from Florida heading off to a Preparatory School in Alabama.  At school Miles is befriended by his roommate Chip "the Colonel" Martin.  The Colonel soon gives his new friend the nickname "Pudge" although Miles is quite skinny.  Miles is then introduced to free spirit Alaska Young and quickly is enthralled with the young lady. April Read of the Month, It was Good I am not going to write too much about the plot, because I really do not want to give away a pretty good storyline.  I love the method in which the novel is set up, not with chapters, but with a count down to an event and a count of days after the event takes place.  Little tricks authors use to set up their novels like that always capture my interest.  I really enjoy the characte

RIP The Cisco Flip

Well it appears the once popular Flip hand held digital video camera is now "dead."   I contemplated buying a Flip a few months ago before Christmas but decided against it after realizing my iPhone could do the job just as well.  It appears the addition of high quality cameras and video cameras into most smart phones helped bring along the end of the Flip camera.  Also, most smart phone offer the ability to instantly share your videos through YouTube, Facebook or other social networks.  Funny, this development led to The Huffington Post putting together a post about 9 gadgets that smartphones killed .  Pretty interesting (and factual) when you think about it.  I did purchase my wife  a Kodak hand-held digital video camera this past Christmas.  I decided on this purchase because her phone does not have a built in video camera and we really just tired of carrying around our full mini digital video camera (and all of the accessories that go along with it).  The truth is, I sh

April Read of the Month, Finally

I finally selected a book for my April Read of the Month.  I apologize for the delay, but as the boys' varsity track coach at Carlson High School, my writing and reading time is sadly cut short.  This past week was especially hectic with two track meets, one of which being our first home meet.  But enough about track.  The April Read of the Month is Looking for Alaska by New York Times best selling author John Green. I have heard many good things about Green's works, mostly from students that check out his books from the Carlson Library.  I am just a few pages in and I already find myself enjoying the narrator, Miles Halter.  According to a brief summary, the plot involves Mr. Nobody Miles on his journey to a boarding school in Birmingham, Alabama.  It is at the school where Miles meets Alaska Young, an interesting female student that captures Mile's attention.  I am really excited about reading this young adult novel! April Read of the Month Other titles by John G

April is School Library Month

I realize every group/organization/cause seems to have their own month.  According to my professional organization, the American Library Association, April is the month to celebrate school libraries.  School libraries are an important aspect of elementary, middle and high schools.  They serve as a quiet location to complete school work, a resource for research and books, and often provide a computer lab for student use (which may be the only computer a student has access to.)  Sadly, many school libraries are often the first area to be trimmed when budgets are cut.  I am fortunate to work in a district that keeps both secondary school libraries open and staffed five days a week with certified librarians.  The elementary school libraries in the Gibraltar School District are open five days a week and staffed with dedicated media clerks.  I hope with the future cuts that are being discussed at the state level that Gibraltar is able to keep their wonderful school library media program.