Netflix Brought Down Comcast Next?

Interesting story out today regarding Netflix and the number of their subscribers.  Netflix, the home DVD delivery service now boasts the same amount of subscribers as Philadelphia based cable giant Comcast. This, fresh off the death of DVD Rental Chain Blockbuster Video.

Goodbye Overpriced Rentals, Lousy Selections and Outrageous Late-fees

I was not surprised to see Blockbuster completely fail recently (both stores near my home are empty).  Many blame the "death" of Blockbuster on Netflix.  The truth is, Netflix was just the final nail in Blockbuster's coffin.  Thanks to HD on Demand movies through cable and satellite services who would want to take the time to drive out and pay Blockbuster's high rates?  Once Netflix came on the scene and started mailing DVDs to subscribers' mailboxes Blockbuster was reeling.  Add streaming selections through gaming systems (or in some cases right to televisions) Blockbuster was dead.  Now, will Comcast meet the same fate?

I tend to believe Comcast is safe.....for now.  Individuals may cut back on the programing they subscribe to (mainly premium channels), but Comcast (and other cable/satellite providers for that matter) are still needed to provide television selections.  Viewers still want to watch network programming, not just movies.  Also, think of live programing (especially sporting events) that Netflix really can't offer to subscribers.  I still have yet to try a Netflix account, mainly because I rarely watch many movies (or television for that matter).  I do use Comcast for my home "entertainment" services.  I rarely buy an "On Demand" movie.  Have any of you dumped cable/satellite for just Netflix?  Do you use Netflix and do you like it?


  1. We have Netflix, but hardly ever get DVDs from them in the mail. We mostly use the streaming option on our TV through our Playstation 3. It’s great for catching up on shows we didn’t watch in first run, like Arrested Development and Veronica Mars.

    We buy Comcast movies on demand a few times a year. I go to live theater and/or performance art productions two or three times a month, but I probably only watch one or two movies a year. When a movie comes out that I want to see, I’ll wait for it to be on demand and then watch it at home. My reason is kind of dumb, though: I’m a total movie talker. I don’t like going to movie theaters because I can’t talk about what’s going on. It’s better to wait a few months and pay $3 to see a movie on demand than to go to the theater and not be able to comment without annoying all the people who paid to be there.

    We’d never dump cable for just Netflix, though. We watch too many shows on cable, and we wouldn’t want to wait for the DVDs. We’d lose South Park, The Soup, Jersey Shore, NFL Redzone, and the Big Ten Network, which would be a bummer.


  2. Yeah, I could never dump cable. NFL Redzone is the best. Funny, I don't care for the theater much either. I usually only go to take the kids. Great comment Meg, as usual!

  3. I did ditch Time Warner for Dish recently. At least with Dish I can pay a modest fee, get local stations and some average everyday networks for about the same price Time Warner wants for their "basic" tier of service, which would give me 25 channels!

    I don't watch much TV but having to stream anything I wanted to watch is frankly too much work for me. When my kids want to watch their nick Jr. shows, they want to watch them NOW...not when I get the laptop or other device set up for streaming and I'd have to own a whole different one for that purpose alone. My Dish box gives me 2 receivers in one, so I can send the kids up to their bedrooms to watch their shows in the odd event there is something I want to watch.

    Mike and I watch very little TV now that 24 is gone. However, an antennae is obsolete anymore and I wouldn't want to feel completely disconnected from local channels, weather updates and etc.

  4. I rarely watch live TV (other than NFL in the fall), for me it is the internet and the DVR. I tried calling the other day to drop channels to bring down my bill. Instead they talked me into keeping everything and still dropping the cost $25. Hard to say no to that.


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