RIP The Cisco Flip

Well it appears the once popular Flip hand held digital video camera is now "dead."  I contemplated buying a Flip a few months ago before Christmas but decided against it after realizing my iPhone could do the job just as well.  It appears the addition of high quality cameras and video cameras into most smart phones helped bring along the end of the Flip camera.  Also, most smart phone offer the ability to instantly share your videos through YouTube, Facebook or other social networks.  Funny, this development led to The Huffington Post putting together a post about 9 gadgets that smartphones killed.  Pretty interesting (and factual) when you think about it. 

I did purchase my wife a Kodak hand-held digital video camera this past Christmas.  I decided on this purchase because her phone does not have a built in video camera and we really just tired of carrying around our full mini digital video camera (and all of the accessories that go along with it).  The truth is, I should have just bought her a better cell phone (for about the same price).  Oh well, we live and we learn.


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