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May Read of the Month Re-Cap

Finally, after a long month of May I have finished Everything Matters by Ron Currie Jr.  I really enjoyed the book (do not let how long it took me to finish fool you, May was a very busy month for me).  As I usually do, I will provide a brief summary and my opinion of the book.  I try not to give too much away in case anyone wants to read the book without spoilers. The first aspect of the book that captured my attention was the odd narration style.  The novel is told through various characters at different points in the novel.  While the main character Junior Thibodeau is often presenting the story, other narrators include Junior's father, brother, future wife and the all knowing voices that often speak to Junior.  Currie starts most of the chapters with the name of the character narrating the particular chapter.  Do not worry, you will not get confused. The first half of the novel is well written, providing detailed background information.  The second half is action packed...

Amazon Selling More e-Books Than Printed Books......Summer Break Nearly Here

This past week web giant Amazon announced they are now selling more e-Books than both hardcover and paperback printed books.   I read a while ago that e-Books were out selling paperbacks, but this is the first that I have heard of e-Books outselling all printed materials.  Of course, it is important to keep in mind that Amazon is the only place Kindle owners can purchase titles, so I am sure that helps pad the sales numbers.  However, it is still impressive, that in just three and a half years the Kindle has made the e-Book format so popular.   Overall, I am sure printed materials still out sell e-Books. In other news, like many of the other "over paid thousandaire" educators in this country I will soon be off for the summer (un-paid, no matter what you may hear from others).  My last day of work this summer is June 13th.  I look forward to spending a lot of time with my children and writing a great deal.  I mentioned in an early post I am working on a book.  I hope to put

Gift of Reading Campaign Update

Last fall I wrote about the Gift of Reading Campaign we were hosting at Carlson High School for the new kindergartners entering the Gibraltar School District in the Fall of 2011.  I am proud to report that we were able to collect well over 300 new books to hand out at the Kindergarten Roundup which took place in late April at the District Board of Education Office.  Every youngster that took part in the rigorous evaluation walked away with a brand new book.  The kindergarten teachers remark on how excited the kids are to receive the new book.  It really makes me feel good inside knowing how the new books are appreciated (by teachers, parents and children). I want to take the time to thank the staff and students of Carlson High School for all of their donations to help us reach our goal.  I would also like to thank  First Community Federal Credit Union for their donation as well.  We had some books leftover, which means we are already off to a great start for next year.  I plan to k

The Art of Writing Longhand

The other day I sat down and pulled out one of the many notebooks I carry around with me at work.  Some of my students were shocked to see me taking the time to write down some thoughts I had flowing through my head.  I guess you could call it a journal, I just think of it as one of the various notebooks I use daily.  I actually have three different notebooks in my work bag.  One is a for personal thoughts and reflections, the other I use for ideas and planning for a book I am attempting to write, and the last is a mini notebook I have to carry when I am on the move.  I still really do not like the idea of using my iPhone note feature to take notes.  Sometimes I think it is just easier to write things out long hand. There is Just Something Relaxing About Writing Longhand Sometimes I am not sure how many people even take the time to write longhand any more with all of the technological advancements.  There has even been some talk about  the value of teaching cursive in elementar

Death of the.......Wait, Death of the e-Reader?

For some reason I tend to write quite a few posts regarding the "Death of" some particular item.  I guess that is the way it is with technology.  One minute something is new and hot....the next it is yesterday's news (or worse e-waste).  Just last year I kept reading how E-readers were going to kill off libraries, book stores and actual books.  So imagine my surprise when I stumbled across this article predicting the end of e-Readers . The article's main point is that tablets are slowly taking over the e-Reader market.  It appears that individuals prefer not spending money on an item that serves only one purpose.  Tablet prices are still high compared to e-Readers, but I'm sure tablet prices will continue to go down.  Users will then probably move away from e-Readers.  I have read that Amazon is trying to cut prices on the Kindle very low, in an attempt to make money off e-Book sales (think how cell phone companies provide free phones to make money on the plan).

May Read of the Month

The May Read of the Month is Everything Matters by Ron Currie Jr.  The novel is Currie Jr.'s second novel.  The Everything Matters l has an interesting and unique plot.  The main character, Junior Thibodeau is born knowing exactly when the world will come to an end.  Throughout the novel he is guided by a mysterious presence (the same that provided him the information regarding the end of the world) and faces numerous struggles. The May Read of the Month I just started the novel the other day, and I am enjoying it so far.  I am only few pages in (27 to be exact).  The beginning of the novel is very interesting, as the main character starts narrating the novel from inside the womb (well before his actual birth).  What a unique way to start a novel?  I look forward to completing the May Read.  As usual, be on the lookout for a complete review later this month after I finish. In other news, I received a great birthday surprise today, my Video Game entry was published today i