Amazon Selling More e-Books Than Printed Books......Summer Break Nearly Here

This past week web giant Amazon announced they are now selling more e-Books than both hardcover and paperback printed books.  I read a while ago that e-Books were out selling paperbacks, but this is the first that I have heard of e-Books outselling all printed materials.  Of course, it is important to keep in mind that Amazon is the only place Kindle owners can purchase titles, so I am sure that helps pad the sales numbers.  However, it is still impressive, that in just three and a half years the Kindle has made the e-Book format so popular.   Overall, I am sure printed materials still out sell e-Books.

In other news, like many of the other "over paid thousandaire" educators in this country I will soon be off for the summer (un-paid, no matter what you may hear from others).  My last day of work this summer is June 13th.  I look forward to spending a lot of time with my children and writing a great deal.  I mentioned in an early post I am working on a book.  I hope to put a lot of time into the two books I have notes started on during the summer.  I also look forward to more consistent postings here at The Geekly Reader.  I am finished with coaching as of Tuesday night.  Coaching eats up so much of my reading and writing free time.  I look forward to having the extra  time to read and write.  I also look forward to playing with my digital SLR Camera and photo editing software.  Exciting summer plans, I know.  Wow, did this school year fly by.


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