Death of the.......Wait, Death of the e-Reader?

For some reason I tend to write quite a few posts regarding the "Death of" some particular item.  I guess that is the way it is with technology.  One minute something is new and hot....the next it is yesterday's news (or worse e-waste).  Just last year I kept reading how E-readers were going to kill off libraries, book stores and actual books.  So imagine my surprise when I stumbled across this article predicting the end of e-Readers.

The article's main point is that tablets are slowly taking over the e-Reader market.  It appears that individuals prefer not spending money on an item that serves only one purpose.  Tablet prices are still high compared to e-Readers, but I'm sure tablet prices will continue to go down.  Users will then probably move away from e-Readers.  I have read that Amazon is trying to cut prices on the Kindle very low, in an attempt to make money off e-Book sales (think how cell phone companies provide free phones to make money on the plan). The problem is they have not been able to cut the hardware price enough.  Recently they have added another Kindle model that is a tad cheaper, complete with advertisements.  How annoying!!

Well, I guess this is another good reason to hold off on buying an e-Reader or i-Pad and stick with physical books for now!  Happy reading all!


  1. I dunno, I have to have the book in my hand and the feeling of the pages, so tactile...and I have a thing for the smell of some pages of some books, like text books...if they are new that is...HA HA. I so can't wrap my brain around relaxing while reading an electronic device. It just does nothing for me!

  2. Believe me, I love having a book in hand....I just think for ease of access and use of physical space, the book's days may be numbered.

  3. Have you started or read Mark Twain autobiog??
    Very long but interesting, it is the 1st of 3 volumes....

    The Benchwarmer


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