July Read of the Month

I actually started my July read of the month a few weeks ago after picking up an iPad 2.  I decided my July read would also be my first e-Book.  I really did not have any titles in mind.  While just messing around in the Apple Book store via i-Tunes I came across A Slaying in The Suburbs, a true crime novel documenting the murder of 2007 murder of Tara Lynn Grant at the hands of her husband Stephen Grant.

I normally read one true crime novel a year.  I do not want to come across as some sicko or anything, I just find the genre to be interesting.  I also find in interesting to read about events that take place nearby.  The first true crime novel I ever read was The Michigan Murders.  I read this living in Ypsilanti for school at Eastern Michigan University.  It seems like ever since reading this book I have picked a new true crime book out ever summer.

Once I am finished, I will not only provide my normal review, but I will also give my input on reading my first e-Book.  Two reviews in one!  Any true crime fans out there?  Any favorite books from the genere?  There are a few out there that I thought were very good.


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