June Read of the Month Summary

I finished my June Read of The Month, Daytripper a while ago and I am finally getting around to writing my review.  Daytripper is a graphic novel by Brazilian twin brothers Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba.  It was recommended to me by loyal Geekly Reader fan Meg.  What a great recommendation!  Daytripper is the first graphic novel that I ever read (I was never much of a comic book fan growing up).  Thanks so much Meg!

On the cover of the book, a quote by Gerrard Way of My Chemical Romance (and fellow comic book writer) sums up Daytripper perfectly, "beautifully written and utterly gorgeous, DAYTRIPPER completely blew me away."  Not only was was the book a wonderful piece of literature, the art work was breathtaking.  This graphic novel is in no way your typical Sunday Morning comic.  The artwork, characters, and plot are all amazing and had me not wanting to put the book down.  It only took two days to complete the book, and this was while I was still quite busy at work.  The only reason it took me two days was because I forced myself to stop, so I could enjoy a second day with the book (I know, I'm a dork)!

Daytripper, a Beautiful Graphic Novel

I never like to give too many details of the plots of the books in my reviews (feel free to check on Amazon for those), I can just say as a reader you are able to experience so much through the life of main character Bras de Oliva Domingos.  Each section or chapter ends with a breathtaking twist.  Even as you get accustomed to the ends of each section, it is still shocking and surprising with each culminating event.  While reading Daytripper I was able to escape and think about decisions I have made in my life if I would change anything.  I also starting thinking about living each day and not taking "tomorrow" for granted.  For the first time in a while, one my "reads" really got me thinking.  I highly recommend Daytripper, especially if you have yet to give graphic novels a try.

I really like the idea of using graphic novels for reluctant readers.  Many students at my school complain that they "hate to read."  The truth is, they do not hate reading, they just hate reading some of the required reading in school.  Graphic novels can be a great way to win reluctant readers over.  Any reading is good reading in my book.  I hope to build my collection of graphic novels at Carlson High School this coming year!  Have you ever read a graphic novel?  Give it a try, you may enjoy it.  Anyone that is local if welcome to borrow my copy of Daytripper, just fire me an email at mpehote@gmail.com


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