Macbook Pro Update.....and I Finally Buy an e-Reader

I wrote earlier this week about the possible death of my Macbook Pro.  After dropping the machine off on Monday I received a call this morning to let me know my machine was ready for pick up.  My son and I hopped into the car first thing after the call and headed up I-275 to 12 Oaks to pick up my machine.  I have literally been missing my main "work horse" computer.  Not to mention much of my life revolves around that machine (banking, documents photography, and music).  It is so nice to be back typing away on it tonight.  The logic board was replaced free of charge and everything is fine.  No data was lost and I am right back to work.  If any readers have a Macbook Pro manufactured in the same time period please keep an eye on your computer.  If your screen goes black, Apple will cover the $900+ repair.

While in Novi, I did make a side trip to Best Buy.  Nate and I spent some time in the Best Buy playing with the iPad2.  The store had the black 16g wifi model in stock.  Initially I was interested in the 32g wifi model, but I decided I would finally give in and purchase the 16g wifi they had in stock.  I brought it home and after booting up my Macbook Pro and checking out that it was working well, I quickly synced my new "toy."  While I was worried about buying only the 16g, I quickly realized that 16g was more than enough space (especially since I carry a 32g iPhone around with me all the time).   I read in another blog entry that buying the 16g wifi was the best choice (especially if you own a newer iPhone).

Everything about the iPad is amazing.  I moved some of my music, some of my pictures and a large amount of apps onto the iPad, and I still have a great deal of free space.  My kids have been playing with it all day (honestly, I've barely been on the thing).  I also bought my first eBook to try.  I will use the book for my July Read of the Month and give some feedback on using the iPad to read an entire book.


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