Are All Book Stores.....and Libraries Next?

As I wrote about in my last post, it looks like Borders is gone for good.  I am really not surprised, when they first announced seeking bankruptcy protection in February of this year I had a feeling they were not going to make it.  The closing has become a rather large news story nationwide and especially here in Michigan with the chain founded and based out of Ann Arbor.  It even was a topic on sports talk radio 97.1 The Ticket with Pat Caputo and Dennis Fithian on Monday evening.  The future of all book stores, physical books and libraries was at the heart of the discussion.  I had to call in, it was the first time I called into talk radio in years.  I guess it was important for me to provide my input, books and libraries are kind of important to me.

I guess I am split on the debate.  I hope all bookstores do not disappear, however e-Books and online sales have to be difficult to compete with.  The one positive Barnes and Nobel have going for them is their own e-Reader, the Nook.  They have a chance, but I would not be surprised to see Barnes and Noble and all large book stores disappear.

Now to me, libraries are a different story.  I believe libraries still have a place in schools and communities.  Just like corporations, libraries have to adapt to changes in society and technology.  I have made numerous changes (and continue to do so each year) in the Carlson High School library.  I spend less and less on non-fiction books, as much of the information becomes outdated quickly.  I attempt to update the technology available to my patrons.  I hope to bring in some e-Readers this year.   Libraries are information centers and provide a quiet place to work in our communities and schools.  Especially in these difficult times, libraries play an important role in our society.  What do you think?  Are all bookstores on the way out?  What about libraries, are they a waste of tax dollars?  Do you have a community library?  Do you use it?


  1. I hope libraries are around forever. We use our library and the one in the next town over's great to have Mia beg to take her! I have her in story time and summer reading program and she already shares my love of browsing the aisles for a new read. I wouldn't be able to provide her with endless book options (or myself frankly!) since we don't have endless income! I will always vote yes to fund my library and can only hope others will to! ~Sarah M

  2. I hope you are right Sarah. I worry in this heavy era of anti-tax feelings that libraries may be disappear. Hopefully there are more people like you out there that will always support their public library. Thanks for the comment.


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