Are You Ready For a New Social Network.....Google+ is Here

So you are flying on high on Facebook and Tweeting daily on Twitter......are you ready for another account to manage?  It appears web giant Google is ready to take on Facebook with their new social network Google+.  Time put together a good piece introducing Google+ and why Google decided it need to get into the social network "game."

Currently, Google+ is only available in a beta test form, and can only be accessed via invite (a nice trick to drum up interest I'm sure, much like creating a line outside of a club/bar.).  After reading the Time article and many other reviews, it appears there is a lot to like about Google+.  One interesting aspect of Google+ is the fact that no profiles will be private.  If you decide to create an account you can keep aspects of your profile private, however a user's full name and gender will always be public for anyone to see.

In other social networking news, Facebook and Skype announced a partnership to improve the Facebook Chat feature.  Group chats and video chats will now be available.  I just hope they fix the basic chat feature, which seems to never work anyway.  I really like Skype, and think it is an amazing resource, I just hope they are able to improve Facebook Chat.

Do you want to give Google+ a chance?  Do you use Facebook chat?  What about Skype?  So many resources, so many passwords.



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