Gadgets Then and Now

As many of you know, I enjoy "then and now" columns.  My last published piece was a "then and now" piece on road trips.  Well, today I stumbled across a piece on Time Magazine's site comparing modern gadgets to their ancient predecessors.

I personally love that some of the items on the list include their original price (and price adjusted for today's dollar).  Would you be willing to pay $3,995 for a cell phone that offered an entire 30 minutes of talk time?  Do not worry, it only takes 10 hours to charge.

While my television is not nearly as old as the model in the list, I feel like I am still behind the modern television movement.  When I moved into my current house, my first purchase was a new high definition television, unfortunately this was nearly nine years ago, which means I still have a huge box television, see below.

My Sweet HD Television
 Once the iPad 2 is paid off, a new television is next for sure.  Are any of your gadgets outdated and need updated?  Are you happy with some of your classic gadgets and do not want to give them up?  Feel free to share!


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